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So as you can see I changed my blog name and location. This has been a long time a-comin’.  From the beginning I wanted my blog to have a more obscure name then Jessica Sykes’ blog…even though it is an awesome name…

I decided to go with White All Over because I love the color – ah hem…or as Greg would insist…lack of color. I like what white does to everything. And with a lot of white it makes any color stand out. I love it! Also, I like how figuratively I feel like I am in a white stage of life…that’s right I made that up. Instead of spring or summer or whatever those stages are that Shakespeare talks of I am a white stage where I am starting to incorporate my own color into a big white room to make my own statement. I am learning slowly but surely.

That may be a bunch of babble and I hope it makes sense to you.  Also if you have seen my wardrobe I have a wardrobe full of white, beige and brown. I think because I am unable to make a decision on what colors I actually like.

Add me to your blog roll under my new name.   I promise more to come!