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On Monday Greg and I had a miscarriage. It was an awful day. Painful – physically and emotionally. We spent 13 hours in the hospital and came home so sad. We were 13 weeks pregnant and SO excited to be parents. We miss our little bean.

During this week we have been very confused. Why did this happen? Why did this happen now? Not only did we have a miscarriage, but many things around us continue to remind us of this painful situation. While we are also confused we are mostly sad.  Sadness is the only emotion that truly expresses how we have been feeling.

While we are sad we have also tried to focus on things we are thankful for and here it is.

1. I am thankful for my husband who held my hand all day long. I can’t even express in words how amazing he was on Monday!

2. I am thankful for family and friends who continue to bring me chicken soup, chicken pot pie, chocolate milk, spaghetti, red and green cupcakes and those who stopped by to check on me during this sad time.  I am thankful for the friends who don’t gloss over this hard time but get in the sadness with us and cry.  I remember calling many people on Monday and Tuesday and crying on the phone and hearing their voice crack on the other end. Thank you for that.

3. I am thankful for socks. I had a small surgery on Monday and woke up in the OR with the warmest socks in the world.  I love those socks and will never part with Northside: Cherokee navy blue socks. They even have little rubber soles so I don’t slip and slide.

I am thankful for many other things this holiday season, but I am sticking with the mains.  Thank you for your phone calls, prayers, thoughts and emails.

I have done some fun stuff to the house – I promise I will be on to the regularly scheduled program soon.

On a Miley Cyrus inspired post we have been killin’ fruit flies like YEAH.  I don’t know how they got into our house, but dang it I will get them outta there! I am blaming someone, but I won’t name that certain someone on this public site…and it’s not Greg 🙂

Here are our solutions:

  1. BLEACH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have become a crazy person and my hands are turning white from being burned with bleach!!!!
  2. Empty cola bottle with a rotten banana at the bottom. The idea is that ignorantly they fly in the bottle for the yummy brown banana and can’t get out. WA HA HA!
  3. Cup of balsamic vinegar mixed with dish soap. The flies are attracted to the smell and land on the vinegar and drown PAINFULLY!
  4. A cup of sweet tea with a cylandar taped to it so the flies go to eat the tea and then can’t get out.
  5. Leave the dishwasher opened a smidge and leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher and blast those suckers.
  6. Poop-eye eats all the flies (we are trying to make this a new command)”EAT FLIES”.  This is turning out to be the least affective tactic.

The picture above is what our current kitchen bar looks like. It is creating quite a mess, but seriously I am going crazy. Any helpful tips are welcome. I am close to sugaring up poop eye and seeing where that gets us. I am a wonderful dog mom! Our house is like SAW VI: FRUIT FLIES!

I went to a wonderful restaurant in Buckhead with my friend Blair a few days ago  for lunch at  Souper Jenny’s.  It was fabulous!!!

It is deli style (I guess that is what it is called).  You wait in line and get a choice of two: either a soup, salad or sandwich, with a roll, cookie and drink for $12.00 – and the portions are HUGE!!! And if you eat in you get to eat your soup in a fancy ceramic bowl of soup.  WELL….my soup was good, but my salad was LIFE CHANGING! SERIOUSLY! I am by no means a foodie, but man I feel like a whole new person after eating that dressing.

WELL…I NEED the dressing recipe. I NEED it!!! I attempted it tonight and it was a no go.  The recipe was good, but not as scrumptious.  I think I may need to invest in some extra virgin olive oil – I used light olive oil.

I have heard they have a cookbook – this will be on my Christmas Wish List!

Next time you are in Buckhead for lunch Souper Jenny’s is definitely worth a try!

To make it a record for weeks out of town, we headed to Jacksonville for the weekend for a family wedding.  Can I just say it was a blast?! We were really looking forward to our first weekend in town, but this last minute trip turned out to be an  adventurous weekend.

We left Atlanta at 6:30 and arrived at our fancy hotel in Jacksonville at midnight. We always bid on hotels last minute on Priceline and get amazing deals. This was the Hyatt on the the St. John’s river  in Jacksonville. Amazing view for an unbelievable price! So I may not be the best photographer, but that is a battleship in the water in front of our hotel. When we mentioned to Greg’s mom about the battleship she told us of a Spaniard sailor she used to date. I love that lady.

Picture 325

The wedding was Greg’s cousin Bennie and his new wife Jessie. The reception was at the yacht club in Jacksonville. BEAUTIFUL!

Picture 331

OH and of course Uncle Chops was there! He got all fancied up for this wedding…he wore jeans and a button up shirt! To my brother and sister-in-laws wedding he wore jeans and a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. Hey, you gotta support your team right? (It appears that people are line dancing in the background).

Picture 334

And some little girls made snow angels on the dance floor to a New Kids on the Block song. This was my favorite. I thought about joining them, but I wasn’t wearing fancy tights like this one. Excuse the bum in the picture.

Picture 335

After the wedding we enjoyed a hot bev. and apple pie on the beach.

Picture 340

And the next morning we packed up at 5:30  am to watch the sun rise. Totally worth the early rise. Sorry for the typical sunset picture!

Sorry for the typical sunset picture

Picture 351

We then cruised to St. Augustine for breakfast and exploration. We saw the St. Augustine haunted lighthouse. No ghosts this time.

Picture 358

And went to a Spaniard fort and posed in front of what we think is the place people used to get shot. We assume this because of the shot marks on the wall. Is this insensitive of us? We figure it happened in the 1600’s so it wasn’t too soon? EH?


Picture 359

Picture 360

This is our favorite sign. We were so confused. “Keep of moat air.”  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?Any suggestions welcome.

Picture 363

Then we jumped in the car and made the 7 hour drive home. We visited the fancy Zaxby’s in Cordele and the McDonad’s for some awesome orange juice. Can’t do that stuff at home.  OH and we saw 3 pirates…a record for the Sykes. We are hoping to see Ninjas on our next trip.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I hosted a bridal shower with some rock star ladies! It was a blast! The food was amazing and the drinks (mimosas and champagne) were even better.

We also served some water and tea. I don’t have a lot of pitchers around the house but because Greg and I enjoy wine with dinner we have a lot of old wine bottles which are hard to recycle.  I can never figure out what to do with those suckers! Can you recycle them? Or can you only recycle the clear glass? So many rules in this green world!

So to quit thinking about creating so much waste with my colored wine bottles I gave them a purpose. If I do say so myself this was a very savvy use. The idea originated from Young House Love. They used these bottles for their wedding.  I was having a little trouble incorporating their idea of sharpie on the wine bottles – it looks amazing, but some of my bottles were a little too dark for sharpie – darn red wine! My first thought was chalkboard paint on the bottles and write out what beverage was in each bottle – as I am not a patient woman I nixed that idea because I waited to long to put on the paint. Then Greg chimed in with his uber stylish designer brain.  Put tags on the wine bottles and attach it with twine.  GENIUS! Check it out below. It is a free way to reuse wine bottles and to be green and save green. All it takes is a little scrubbing.

Picture 239

Picture 236

Wine bottles (any color that suits your fancy)

Goo Gone or some hot water and soap

Black Paper (preferably a thicker grade of black paper  because they may be getting wet – I used black paint samples)

Silver Sharpie


Hole Puncher

Easy Directions:

  1. Scrub wine bottles to remove the labels
  2. Cut out the shape you want from the black paper to your desired size of the tag
  3. Put holes on the paper with about half and inch into the paper so it is strong enough to hold the twine.
  4. Label your drink
  5. Add tie the twine onto the tag and attach.

WAAALAAA! you have yourself a fancy tag.

Price break down:

Wine bottles: FREE (from the many nights of drinking)

Twine : 99 cents

Labels: FREE (Dutch boy paint samples glued together)

Silver Sharpie: $3.25

WOO WOO! Total cost of 4 savvy drink holders: $4.24 for tea and water.

Can’t beat that with a stick!

October has flown by at our little gray house! We have literally not had a moment to rest. We have been all over Georgia and our front door has recently become a swinging front door!

Some fall updates from Canton!

We found some fun playmates for Poop-eye in our backyard. Greg and I literally crouched under the window taking pictures of these fellows.  I named them Preston and Priscilla.  They are named in memory of  Preston the First…no need to go into that story. But in my eyes all deers are named Preston!

Picture 227

We have also had some wonderful outdoor time! After a long week, Greg and I  escaped to get lost in the North Georgia mountains with my sister and some wonderful friends. We spent the day eating burritos,  hiking and looking at the beautiful view.

on a rock hiking

As well as heading to North Georgia we headed to south Savannah for the beautiful weather and a beautiful soon to be bride, Laura Reagan.  Me and the rest of her wonderful bridesmaids (minus Greg and Erik, the men of honor) threw her  (if I say so myself) a kick ass bridal shower. It was filled with wonderful treats, mimosas, cake, presents, and can I say the best part was NO GAMES!!!! Laura is a rock star and suggested no painful bridal shower games.  Ladies who love bridal shower games….they are awkward and painful. Can I get an Amen?

Picture 243

There was also some fresh from the ocean fish and chips (these not so fresh…fresh from a bag from Piggly Wiggly) on our adventure to Savannah.

Picture 301

For Halloween we went skating with Young Life  for non other then Skate-o-ween at HOT WHEELS. I even got some socks with little rollar skates. They are AWESOME! Greg and I were bacon and eggs.

Bacon and Eggs