October has flown by at our little gray house! We have literally not had a moment to rest. We have been all over Georgia and our front door has recently become a swinging front door!

Some fall updates from Canton!

We found some fun playmates for Poop-eye in our backyard. Greg and I literally crouched under the window taking pictures of these fellows.  I named them Preston and Priscilla.  They are named in memory of  Preston the First…no need to go into that story. But in my eyes all deers are named Preston!

Picture 227

We have also had some wonderful outdoor time! After a long week, Greg and I  escaped to get lost in the North Georgia mountains with my sister and some wonderful friends. We spent the day eating burritos,  hiking and looking at the beautiful view.

on a rock hiking

As well as heading to North Georgia we headed to south Savannah for the beautiful weather and a beautiful soon to be bride, Laura Reagan.  Me and the rest of her wonderful bridesmaids (minus Greg and Erik, the men of honor) threw her  (if I say so myself) a kick ass bridal shower. It was filled with wonderful treats, mimosas, cake, presents, and can I say the best part was NO GAMES!!!! Laura is a rock star and suggested no painful bridal shower games.  Ladies who love bridal shower games….they are awkward and painful. Can I get an Amen?

Picture 243

There was also some fresh from the ocean fish and chips (these not so fresh…fresh from a bag from Piggly Wiggly) on our adventure to Savannah.

Picture 301

For Halloween we went skating with Young Life  for non other then Skate-o-ween at HOT WHEELS. I even got some socks with little rollar skates. They are AWESOME! Greg and I were bacon and eggs.

Bacon and Eggs