I mentioned in an earlier post that I hosted a bridal shower with some rock star ladies! It was a blast! The food was amazing and the drinks (mimosas and champagne) were even better.

We also served some water and tea. I don’t have a lot of pitchers around the house but because Greg and I enjoy wine with dinner we have a lot of old wine bottles which are hard to recycle.  I can never figure out what to do with those suckers! Can you recycle them? Or can you only recycle the clear glass? So many rules in this green world!

So to quit thinking about creating so much waste with my colored wine bottles I gave them a purpose. If I do say so myself this was a very savvy use. The idea originated from Young House Love. They used these bottles for their wedding.  I was having a little trouble incorporating their idea of sharpie on the wine bottles – it looks amazing, but some of my bottles were a little too dark for sharpie – darn red wine! My first thought was chalkboard paint on the bottles and write out what beverage was in each bottle – as I am not a patient woman I nixed that idea because I waited to long to put on the paint. Then Greg chimed in with his uber stylish designer brain.  Put tags on the wine bottles and attach it with twine.  GENIUS! Check it out below. It is a free way to reuse wine bottles and to be green and save green. All it takes is a little scrubbing.

Picture 239

Picture 236

Wine bottles (any color that suits your fancy)

Goo Gone or some hot water and soap

Black Paper (preferably a thicker grade of black paper  because they may be getting wet – I used black paint samples)

Silver Sharpie


Hole Puncher

Easy Directions:

  1. Scrub wine bottles to remove the labels
  2. Cut out the shape you want from the black paper to your desired size of the tag
  3. Put holes on the paper with about half and inch into the paper so it is strong enough to hold the twine.
  4. Label your drink
  5. Add tie the twine onto the tag and attach.

WAAALAAA! you have yourself a fancy tag.

Price break down:

Wine bottles: FREE (from the many nights of drinking)

Twine : 99 cents

Labels: FREE (Dutch boy paint samples glued together)

Silver Sharpie: $3.25

WOO WOO! Total cost of 4 savvy drink holders: $4.24 for tea and water.

Can’t beat that with a stick!