To make it a record for weeks out of town, we headed to Jacksonville for the weekend for a family wedding.  Can I just say it was a blast?! We were really looking forward to our first weekend in town, but this last minute trip turned out to be an  adventurous weekend.

We left Atlanta at 6:30 and arrived at our fancy hotel in Jacksonville at midnight. We always bid on hotels last minute on Priceline and get amazing deals. This was the Hyatt on the the St. John’s river  in Jacksonville. Amazing view for an unbelievable price! So I may not be the best photographer, but that is a battleship in the water in front of our hotel. When we mentioned to Greg’s mom about the battleship she told us of a Spaniard sailor she used to date. I love that lady.

Picture 325

The wedding was Greg’s cousin Bennie and his new wife Jessie. The reception was at the yacht club in Jacksonville. BEAUTIFUL!

Picture 331

OH and of course Uncle Chops was there! He got all fancied up for this wedding…he wore jeans and a button up shirt! To my brother and sister-in-laws wedding he wore jeans and a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. Hey, you gotta support your team right? (It appears that people are line dancing in the background).

Picture 334

And some little girls made snow angels on the dance floor to a New Kids on the Block song. This was my favorite. I thought about joining them, but I wasn’t wearing fancy tights like this one. Excuse the bum in the picture.

Picture 335

After the wedding we enjoyed a hot bev. and apple pie on the beach.

Picture 340

And the next morning we packed up at 5:30  am to watch the sun rise. Totally worth the early rise. Sorry for the typical sunset picture!

Sorry for the typical sunset picture

Picture 351

We then cruised to St. Augustine for breakfast and exploration. We saw the St. Augustine haunted lighthouse. No ghosts this time.

Picture 358

And went to a Spaniard fort and posed in front of what we think is the place people used to get shot. We assume this because of the shot marks on the wall. Is this insensitive of us? We figure it happened in the 1600’s so it wasn’t too soon? EH?


Picture 359

Picture 360

This is our favorite sign. We were so confused. “Keep of moat air.”  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?Any suggestions welcome.

Picture 363

Then we jumped in the car and made the 7 hour drive home. We visited the fancy Zaxby’s in Cordele and the McDonad’s for some awesome orange juice. Can’t do that stuff at home.  OH and we saw 3 pirates…a record for the Sykes. We are hoping to see Ninjas on our next trip.