On a Miley Cyrus inspired post we have been killin’ fruit flies like YEAH.  I don’t know how they got into our house, but dang it I will get them outta there! I am blaming someone, but I won’t name that certain someone on this public site…and it’s not Greg 🙂

Here are our solutions:

  1. BLEACH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have become a crazy person and my hands are turning white from being burned with bleach!!!!
  2. Empty cola bottle with a rotten banana at the bottom. The idea is that ignorantly they fly in the bottle for the yummy brown banana and can’t get out. WA HA HA!
  3. Cup of balsamic vinegar mixed with dish soap. The flies are attracted to the smell and land on the vinegar and drown PAINFULLY!
  4. A cup of sweet tea with a cylandar taped to it so the flies go to eat the tea and then can’t get out.
  5. Leave the dishwasher opened a smidge and leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher and blast those suckers.
  6. Poop-eye eats all the flies (we are trying to make this a new command)”EAT FLIES”.  This is turning out to be the least affective tactic.

The picture above is what our current kitchen bar looks like. It is creating quite a mess, but seriously I am going crazy. Any helpful tips are welcome. I am close to sugaring up poop eye and seeing where that gets us. I am a wonderful dog mom! Our house is like SAW VI: FRUIT FLIES!