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Whether you are looking for some pretty pictures (#3), flowers (#17), interior design (one of my favs #12 CONGRATS), or just plain good ol’ design, the  London Times published the 50 Best Design Blogs. Check it out! You are guaranteed to add a new friend to your blog roll!

Times Online: 50 Best Design Blogs.

Let me know your favs!

As I was cruising Google Reader this popped up on Apartment Therapy. I AM A FASHION RENEGADE!!! Woo woo!

These tags could totally be made for free! Instead of using chalkboard tags grab some black paper or in my case…eh hem…black paint samples at Walmart, a silver sharpie, a hole puncher, and some twine…and CA POW!!! You got yourself a kick ass tag for presents. Or if you really want the chalk then get some thick card stock and buy the chalkboard paint yourself and paint up a storm.  A lot of tags can totally be made for under $10 buckaroos! Any other cheap decoration ideas for Christmas?

I definitely plan on hitting up the Tar-jay after the holidays for some post- Christmas steals. I scoped out the place two nights ago.  I also have some fun ideas for cheap wrapping paper…more to come this holiday season.

For months I have been trying to find some pictures for the living room and finally I found them!!!

During our traditional IKEA ornament trip we found some awesome frames for $9.99 a piece. I was going to find a great print to put in the frame, but I started playing with some burlap and newspaper. Check it out! We decided to be festive – the great thing about these is I can change it out as often as desired.

Greg and I were totally a team. I chose the burlap and old card catalog card and Greg suggested cutting something out of newspaper. The only cost was the frame and I had everything else around the house. Super easy and brought a lot of texture to the room.  I am contemplating buying a few frames for every room in the house. SCORE!

Saturday and Sunday was the traditional Christmas decorating day. Saturday we went to IKEA and bought our annual Christmas ornament…ornaments.

Sunday then proceeded with decorating the Christmas tree, eating Chinese food, Christmas music, and a Christmas hot bev.

This is the final product. I LOVE it!!! The picture doesn’t do the tree justice. It is great! We love our tree. We are never go for the largest tree on the lot – we love this one! Is it weird I get emotionally attached to a tree?

This is the star I made before decorating the tree. My friend Paula had a star just like this on her tree and it was great. I had to make one today! Paula is so crafty! We have a new tree topper!

Some other fun things we put up around the house are the stockings and tree runner which I made last year which was also inspired by Paula. I am a total copier.The middle one is of course Poop-eye’s stocking. Mine is the one with the flowers and Greg’s is the dotted stocking. We each made our own stocking. I will never forget the memories of making decorations for our Christmas tree together. That is my favorite time of the holiday season. I bring the ideas to Greg and he gives me a blue print and we both work away.

I think they look like some pretty fancy ones from Crate and Barrell.

Yay to some felt and yarn!

I wrote about the curtains I put up a few weeks ago. They were light and airy and I LOVE them. But I felt like the room was lacking some color and texture SO I added some burlap panels.

On one of my fav blogs: Young House Love, they put their curtains high and added bamboo blinds above the windows to make the windows look bigger, but bamboo blinds are a little expensive (OK not that expensive…I am just a cheap-o) and I already have white blinds, SO I thought some burlap panels would give the same effect and be cheaper AND hide the blinds on sunny days…PERK!



Let me know what you think!

I think as I get older my hippie roots are showing more and more and getting worse and worse.

I want this now! now! NOW! How do I convince my husband that I need this car?

After watching “Dan In Real Life” 3 times this weekend I have decided that I cannot live without it. It is true love!

That’s right folks I am saying no. I am dropping my addiction. Saying no to my crack cocaine that is facebook.

I don’t use facebook as my announcement stand or do I paint the world perfect with my status updates  and photos- I strictly stay on facebook for emails and to keep up with family and friends. It has been an amazing portal for that, but Friday after an emotional morning I asked Greg to change my password. I couldn’t handle it. Our life hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies lately…or really ever. We are happy but we work hard…really hard and facebook very often steals a lot of joy from me.

Facebook has become an announcement portal and a camouflage for real life showing only what is good.  Well, dang it I am sick of it. I had to say no.  I will never live up to what Facebook asks of me.

I have been 2 days away from my crack and it is hard. My hands are shaking and my mind is running (a little exagerrated there).  Sure, I still have twitter, but how will I know if someone has a baby or gets pregnant again or turns into an elephant. I WILL NEVER KNOW. I guess I’ll have to make a phone call and if no one answers I will assume for elephants.

BUT instead of facebook or TV,  I woke up this morning and spent an hour reading with a hot beverage in BED! IT WAS AWESOME.I put like 6 mallows in my bev. I even have a list of books I want to read after this one. Productivity.

We’ll see if I am still as positive after a few more days.

*Note: No judgment comes from this side of the blog for the Facebook lovers.