That’s right folks I am saying no. I am dropping my addiction. Saying no to my crack cocaine that is facebook.

I don’t use facebook as my announcement stand or do I paint the world perfect with my status updates  and photos- I strictly stay on facebook for emails and to keep up with family and friends. It has been an amazing portal for that, but Friday after an emotional morning I asked Greg to change my password. I couldn’t handle it. Our life hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies lately…or really ever. We are happy but we work hard…really hard and facebook very often steals a lot of joy from me.

Facebook has become an announcement portal and a camouflage for real life showing only what is good.  Well, dang it I am sick of it. I had to say no.  I will never live up to what Facebook asks of me.

I have been 2 days away from my crack and it is hard. My hands are shaking and my mind is running (a little exagerrated there).  Sure, I still have twitter, but how will I know if someone has a baby or gets pregnant again or turns into an elephant. I WILL NEVER KNOW. I guess I’ll have to make a phone call and if no one answers I will assume for elephants.

BUT instead of facebook or TV,  I woke up this morning and spent an hour reading with a hot beverage in BED! IT WAS AWESOME.I put like 6 mallows in my bev. I even have a list of books I want to read after this one. Productivity.

We’ll see if I am still as positive after a few more days.

*Note: No judgment comes from this side of the blog for the Facebook lovers.