Saturday and Sunday was the traditional Christmas decorating day. Saturday we went to IKEA and bought our annual Christmas ornament…ornaments.

Sunday then proceeded with decorating the Christmas tree, eating Chinese food, Christmas music, and a Christmas hot bev.

This is the final product. I LOVE it!!! The picture doesn’t do the tree justice. It is great! We love our tree. We are never go for the largest tree on the lot – we love this one! Is it weird I get emotionally attached to a tree?

This is the star I made before decorating the tree. My friend Paula had a star just like this on her tree and it was great. I had to make one today! Paula is so crafty! We have a new tree topper!

Some other fun things we put up around the house are the stockings and tree runner which I made last year which was also inspired by Paula. I am a total copier.The middle one is of course Poop-eye’s stocking. Mine is the one with the flowers and Greg’s is the dotted stocking. We each made our own stocking. I will never forget the memories of making decorations for our Christmas tree together. That is my favorite time of the holiday season. I bring the ideas to Greg and he gives me a blue print and we both work away.

I think they look like some pretty fancy ones from Crate and Barrell.

Yay to some felt and yarn!