As I was cruising Google Reader this popped up on Apartment Therapy. I AM A FASHION RENEGADE!!! Woo woo!

These tags could totally be made for free! Instead of using chalkboard tags grab some black paper or in my case…eh hem…black paint samples at Walmart, a silver sharpie, a hole puncher, and some twine…and CA POW!!! You got yourself a kick ass tag for presents. Or if you really want the chalk then get some thick card stock and buy the chalkboard paint yourself and paint up a storm.  A lot of tags can totally be made for under $10 buckaroos! Any other cheap decoration ideas for Christmas?

I definitely plan on hitting up the Tar-jay after the holidays for some post- Christmas steals. I scoped out the place two nights ago.  I also have some fun ideas for cheap wrapping paper…more to come this holiday season.