Sorry for the lack of post. I lost my darn camera cable and my hero of a husband found it yesterday. Here is our belated Christmas.

For years and years, many people have heard me complain of our crazy Christmas plans. We are ping pong balls bouncing from house to house from chaos into more chaos, but let me say this year that chaos is my middle name. Christmas was a relief of crazy (yet wonderful) family.

Christmas began at my dad’s the week before. A fancy rib roast and chatting by the fire.

Christmas Eve was at our house. Dinner, drinks…more drinks, and Christmas Vacation. The night consisted of drinking wine, and laughing at each other.  Here is an example……My mom has ADD and she continues to go in and out of reality. As  we are watching Christmas Vacation she walks in and out of the room and for some reason has never seen the movie Christmas Vacation…WHAT? Greg’s mother is a pillar of strength and knowledge…and an expert Christmas Vacation watcher….and Greg’s dad works hard, so he sleeps.  Set….SCENE

Mom (sitting on stairs watching CV): “Why is that tree on fire? What is that man doing with the squirrel? Who is that person? Why is that person laughing? Why is there a bow on that person.”..SERIOUSLY!!!!

Dale (Greg’s Mom): “WATCH WATCH WATCH Watch!” (cuing us to laugh by laughing very loudly at funny parts)

Jerry (Greg’s Dad): ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (snore snore)

Repeat scene over and over and over and over again. Here are some pictures of the gang.

Greg's dad snorin' it up

My sis and Kris

Christmas Day started at my mom’s with my sisters and an amazing breakfast planned by Amy. Sorry no pictures. I think there are a lot posted on Facebook.

It then continued at Greg’s parents with Greg’s parents, brother and sister-in-law, and our fav. niece and nephew AND an amazing meal. Greg’s mom makes food that will literally change your world!

Don’t you love Bradley’s robe. He is pimpin!

Bradly, Addi and myself after reading The Night Before Christmas the Waldo version...

They are the cutest things ever!

And we had a post white Christmas. SO FUN! We went sledding A LOT- I think next time (in 10 years) we are going to take out some old kayaks we have and go sledding in those. AWESOME!

My favorite part of the snow was Greg trying to go work the next morning and only being able to get into the middle of the road (keep in mind that the night before I wisely told him he would not be able to). I created a song and dance dedicated to “I TOLD YA SO.” It goes…I told ya so I told ya so I I I told ya so (then me doing to robot and jumping knee first on Greg as a punishment). I think this marriage thing is working out great! I TOLD YA SO!

So I’ll leave with you some Christmas pictures:


Greg and his fancy beaded fly fishing necklace

The tree on Christmas Eve:

Fun wrapping:

tags with paint samples

recycled wrapping with paint samples

I hope your holidays were great! WHEW! I was ready to head back to work for a little rest!