I know we have seen the news and heard the stories about Haiti. Devastating is all I can say and think.  I don’t really know how I can help – I hate hate hate hate that we can’t be out there right now helping. I don’t even know how I would help over there, but I wish I could do more then just giving money and praying. I feel very helpless and American in this situation, but given that this is clearly not about me I am providing a website and blog that you can follow to see how people are helping and also find out how you can help.  Redeem Haiti is in the middle of things.  Let’s get in the middle of things with this broken place with these people who are hurting.

May these photos move us to help those suffering in Haiti: http://minustah.org/?p=18891&page=2 See http://www.redeemhaiti.org/ to help.