So I haven’t been that loyal to my blog. I am sorry folks. I promise that come March I will be the most loyalist blogger in the world.

January was BUUUSY! February is BUUUUSSSIIIERRR!!!

We just spent a weekend at Sharptop doing work crew with a bunch of our high school friends and Athens leaders. It was fun but oh man it was exhausting! Am I getting old? I don’t remember work crew being this physically demanding in high school and college.

It was a great weekend to work and also a great treat  to see some of our Young Life friends being leaders and also on property staff at Sharptop!

That's right those are jorts.

*Photography credit to Kevin Gantz.

While many things have been fun in the past few months our winter has  been hard. To break all the blog rules I will share some difficult things going on in our world.  We are very thankful for the friends in our life right now who are honest and will listen. We found out a few months ago that I have a chromosome issue which means we have a higher chance to have a miscarriage in the future. While the average percentage of miscarriage is 20% ours is 50%. Booo to my chromosomes.  Who knows what that means for the future, but for me it has been hard to grasp. This has brought up a lot of issues from the past for me as far as my past issues of interviewing with Young Life  and other past issues. I We are trying to figure out how to move past this. I don’t say this so you will feel sorry for me…please don’t feel sorry for me, but to be honest. Life is not flowers and roses over here. While we are thankful for the flowers and roses we are also cognizant that we don’t live in a perfect world and my blog and life will never express that.That’s right folks…I just used the word cognizant. I paid attention in my vocabulary class…I might still have one of those small orange books and I may still read grammar books in my free time. Old and loving grammar…am I a school marm?