I have been at work this week from dusk till dawn…scratch that…dusk until late at night and my boss told me to work from home today. YAY!  So I took my lunch break at the thrift store today. I had to hold myself back from many things, but I found one thing I couldn’t resist.  These are old cheese makers crock.  I couldn’t image putting my cheese in fancy glass containers like this, could you? Is that what they are for? I will start doing research.  Aren’t they fabulous? Now I have to find a purpose for them. Any ideas? I would prefer for them to be used in the kitchen. Maybe to hold sugar, coffee and spices.  It has a seal and closes completely. I think Greg will be really excited about these little finds  (he hasn’t seen them yet)!

I love the thrift store.

Tonight I am going over to my friends Paula’s to make some homemade napkins. I will definitely post the end product. She is quite the seamstress!!!