* I would like to preface this post- I hope to not offend, because my feelings towards this group is nothing but disgust and sadness. Well I don’t really care about offending the Klan to be honest, but all other on lookers.

This morning I woke up to the news because the athletes in Vancouver had not risen to plunge their faces and bodies into the snow. I was listening to WSBTV News and they start their news program off by doing little summaries of each news activity they will be covering. Most was unimportant, but then the last one caught my attention. According to Valerie Hoffman: ” There was a Klan rally in Georgia yesterday. The NAACP was there to rally the rally…” She then moved on the next summary. Hold up…let’s back up. There was a Klan rally in Georgia? Those guys still meet? Why haven’t they given themselves another name? I mean sure they still meet in the backwoods of Bubba Joe’s backyard with like 3 crooked teeth men who are like 80, but in the street? In front of people? Didn’t they get the memo from history books in high school that nobody really likes those guys? That they are the bad guys? Did I just listen to a news cast of the 1950’s? Is Valerie Hoff preserved from another time (she does kind of look like that doesn’t she)? Had Doc Brown thrown me in the DeLorean while I was asleep? My house wasn’t even built until a year ago so that couldn’t be what was happening. Let’s be real folks. What is happening? The summary had caught my attention and I was hooked. I had so many unanswered questions. Who in the frick knew that the Klan had the audacity to show their face in public…oh wait they never did show their face they had a hat that covering their face.

I waited about 20 minutes to hear the rest of the newscast and finally got to this story. Apparently somewhere in Georgia there was  Klan rally, in public, for all mankind to see. The purpose: opposing immigration. They showed the Klan and they were dressed up in their white outfits and everything. Does anyone really take these guys seriously? Does anyone take anyone seriously dressed up in a costume? Why haven’t they gotten rid of the costumes yet? They should take a hint, after seeing John Goodman in a Klan costume in ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ those suckers are out. Remember he was a bad guy in that movie? You guys are the bad guys…the villain…in real life. Why didn’t you get that memo? In opposition to the rally the NAACP rallyed the rally opposing the Klan. The girl who was part of the NAACP said exactly what I was thinking in a sassier 15 year old way “I MEEEAAANNN IS THIS THE 1950’s. GO AWAY PEOPLE!” There was a poster by the NAACP saying:  “White Flower?” (This poster contained the question mark). I was unsure of that posters effectiveness but it made me laugh. Maybe there is a deeper meaning.

I know this is an easy poke to make fun of people no one really likes…it is like making fun of Osama Bin Laden. Nobody likes this guy, but it was on the news and I had to rewind the cast over and over and continue to check the date. Maybe I had made it back to the future.

I apologize for the amount of rhetorical questions in this post.