It was a cold windy yet sunny weekend. I tried to do some projects outside a handful of times and it was COLD COLD COLD COLD!!! Earlier today I was sanding the lazy susan in the cold windy night and a man was walking his dog. I am sure he was thinking “what is that crazy girl doing sanding on a Sunday evening in the cold.” It was quite an image. My darn tarp wouldn’t stay put. No matter how many things I put on the tarp to stabilize it and to keep it from blowing away the tarp kept blowing up more dirt. GRRR….Very frustrating. But I sanded and it was fun. Who says chicks can’t sand? I have actually never heard anyone say that, but whoever does then send them my way.

So where did we leave off on my list?

Goal #1:

Paint Lazy Susan – NOT CHECK! Well…this was attempted many times, but the spray paint hated the lazy susan. Maybe because she is so lazy. :/. But seriously, I sprayed it once and then had to sand it because the paint bubbled up. I then sprayed it again and it bubbled up again. L.S. is now in the garage. The end goal of this was to spray paint it with chalk board paint and be able to write on it when we had entrees on the lazy susan. Maybe I need to use regular paint. Me and spray paint aren’t getting along. Has this happened to you? Any ideas? I have sanded it, scratched it up – WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO?

This is where I left that lazy susan

(Notice me keeping the tarp from blowing everywhere.)

Goal #2:

Stain Letters – CHECK! They look AMAZING. I LOOOOOVE IT!!!



Eventually below the letters we are going to put up a coat hanger that goes all the way across the wall but it hasn’t been warm enough to work on this. I am really excited about doing this!

Goal #3

Find frame to put above butlers pantry and paint with chalkboard paint like this

NOT CHECK. We looked everywhere for a frame and we couldn’t find one. We looked though. Oh well.

Goal # 4

Paint Monet frame white and put in bathroom (perfect tones of blue and green I want to incorporate in that room) – CHECK

Please don’t judge me for the dead plants. I am trying to bring them back to life.  I had A LOT of trouble with spray paint this weekend. I think I hate spray paint. I may just buy some gloss paint and paint this sucker over again. I am not crazy about the up close version of this frame (a lot of imperfections), but I do love this picture in this bathroom.

Goal #5

Put up shelf in bathroom  – NOT CHECK! We hated it in the bathroom. It made that area look really small. We have to find somewhere else for the little black shelf.

Goal #6

Put up all pictures in house (currently all our pictures are propped up against the wall and it’s been 8 months since we moved in folks) – CHECK!

This is our dining room and the pictures that went up this weekend. This was not a difficult task. Why the heck did it take me so long? Wow – our dining room table could really use a rug.

Overall this was a very productive weekend. I attempted all my goals, and sometimes it is good to cross things off that just don’t work.  I think I had too many goals. I always put too much on my plate…figuratively and literally. Let me know what you think. There will be many more new goals coming up this spring. AND it’s supposed to snow again on Tuesday. BOOOOOO…..

Dear Winter,

I do not like you. Please go away.