Snow again in Harmony on the Lakes today or as our Young Life  friends say…”The Lakes.”  Ha ha! That makes me laugh.

BUT it is cold outside! Since it’s cold I have been spending way to much time reading blogs. I found a new favorite blog…I think this blogger could be my best friend because she/he thinks of cheap and easy crafts and she named her website after my dog (well my dog is named Poop-eye but we have the same root word)….

Mine come from the website called Poopscape:

Things I love on this blog:

  • Pom Pom Flowers (See below)
  • Elf Christmas Tree Runner

(This pictures is directly from Poopscape – check out the glass canister of yarn)

Here is my example:

Clearly not the best picture. The yarn is actually green. The light was not very good in the room so I used the flash. Also, it isn’t just floating in the room. The ghost pom pom flower 🙂 This picture actually makes me laugh really hard.

I think this would be cute  in a vase or for a mobile.  I love these!

Here is my yarn mess:

G’s craft:

The dark grey one on the right is a crab. Ha ha! A few salt water flies for a vacation sometime in the future.

In other news, when I came home from the grocery store today I realized my pants were on backward. Dang.

Tune in for more Friday goals.  More to get done this weekend around our little house.