Here I go again…making more goals for the weekend. This list is short and sweet. My list last week was a little bit overwhelming. I’ll let you know how this one goes.

1. Find towel hooks for the bathroom. This link on Apartment Therapy is my inspiration. It is the very last image – I also really hate to fold so I can just hang ’em up. PERFECTO!

2. Create some natural cleaners. This link on Young House Love has recipes for natural cleaners – everything from all purpose to laundry detergent. I’ll let you know how my search for all these ingredients pan out.

3. Start my veggie garden seedlings inside. WOO HOO almost garden season. I’ll let you know on Monday what seedlings I plant.  Hopefully I am not too late for veggie season.

OK now that I look at these goals I again may be in over my head. Welcome to my life.