This has been the first weekend in a while where we took it easy. It was wonderful!!! This was a great weekend for conversation. I saw some friends this weekend that I hadn’t seen in a while and had some amazing conversations. I appreciate how people are placed in our lives at the perfect time. Also, B&G (biscuits and gravy) was Saturday morning and who can beat a B&G day? I certainly cannot.

My favorite quote of the weekend:

“I have a lifetime rule to never say no to biscuits.” – Jonathon Wishon. Amen brother. Amen.

Here’s how my goals panned out.

1. Find towel hooks for the bathroom – Half Complete! I found the towel hooks but they are at IKEA and didn’t make it down to Atlanta to buy it.

And it is only $1.99. SCORE! Now I just need to get down to IKEA and fight the cow herding that is IKEA.

2. Create some natural cleaners. This link on Young House Love has recipes for natural cleaners. I used some recipes from this site as well as some from other sources online. COMPLETE TO THE MAX!

I actually did a breakdown and comparison of natural cleaners vs. store bought cleaners. I’ll give you a breakdown tomorrow with recipes.

All Purpose Cleaner

Bathroom/Soft Scrub

Check back tomorrow for the recipes and comparisons. I didn’t do the laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent. I will keep doing some research to find some inexpensive detergents. I know they are out there.

Fabric Softener

So those are the four homemade cleaners I made. I’ll just say that three worked great and one was a bust.

3. Start my veggie garden seedlings inside.

I have a garden in a box right now! Andy Samburg should write a song about this…kind of like…oh nevermind…

Starting the seedlings  is one of my favorite things to do all year. I had fun setting this up. The garden in a box…not the thing from the Andy Samburg song.

I planted  three types of tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, snow peas, watermelon and cantaloupe.

There are 36 slots in this container. It is so easy to use.  I bought this container at Wal-mart for $4 and you water the dirt pods (I guess that is what it is called?) and after a few minutes they rise.  They look like those little sponge things that get bigger with water. You then pull back the nesting each dirt pod is in and plant your seeds. I didn’t do organic seeds or anything – just the $1 seeds from Home Depot. I had A LOT of seeds leftover from last year so this year I spent about $8 on the container of dirt pods and the seeds. You’ll see a cost breakdown below. Also as far as cost is concerned, last year Home Depot had a garden day where they had half off seeds which brought most seeds down to .50-.60 cents. Keep an eye out for this sale – I am hoping it is something they do yearly. You can’t beat veggie seeds that cheap.

Another cheap idea is to get a cardboard egg container and add some dirt and plant your seedlings. Here’s an easy how to.

Garden Price Breakdown:

Garden Container Kit – $4.00

Seeds – $5.00

So $9 for a wonderful garden. I can’t wait to transplant the seedlings.

I also put some herbs in my bathroom. Our bathroom gets amazing sun and I thought some sweet smelling herbs would add a lot to our bathroom. In the bathroom I planted lavender, mint, and chamomile in my one little white IKEA planter.

Ha! That looks so lonely. Does this gross you out? Just know that if you come to my house and you get mint tea…it was grown in the bathroom…

Are you growing a garden this year? Any tips? Any advice on natural cleaners? Bring it on!

By the way, my new favorite word is dirt pod. Catch you dirt pods in the sandbox!