WHEW! This day has been a doozy. I meant to post this much earlier. Sorry friends! I went to the dentist today for a follow up appointment after my dumb gum graft I had in January and apparently whatever happened didn’t work so they get to do it again. Awesome. In fact, they said that during this surgery they have to cut so deep in the roof of my mouth they can’t stitch it up…WHAT? Excuse me…WHAT? So I get to wear a retainer for a few days. Lovely. But the dentist did say that it was free……

Anyway, back to the homemade cleaners I made.

Window Cleaner

Homemade Cleaner is the winner! This cleaned the mirrors – left no streaks- and didn’t have the awful glass cleaner smell. Made the bathroom smell fresh.

Window Cleaner Recipe:

1/4 cup vinegar

1/2 teaspoon liquid soap

2 c. water

Combine in a spray bottle. Shake and spray.

All Purpose Cleaner/Surface Spray (I guess this negates the All-Purpose so I give it the name All Purpose Surface Spray Cleaner)

This was the winner. I used this to clean the counters, outside of oven, fridge, outside of dishwasher. My this was so all purpose! Usually I just use soap on a rag, but this worked better and more convenient. No streaks.

All Purpose Surface Spray Recipe

(I used this recipe, but I just used regular dishwashing soap)

16 oz spray bottle

2 tsp. borax

1/4 teaspoon liquid soap

hot water to fill spray bottle

Combine in spray bottle and shake.

Tub  Scrub

WINNER: Scrubbing Bubbles. It smells awful and like you are smelling poison, but it cleans everything.  I walked into the bathroom a few hours later and it was so potent. Any ideas as far as a good natural tub cleaner?

I am not even going to bother with the recipe. The baking soda left a coarse texture after using.

Fabric Softener

This stuff is awesome. I pour about a half cup into our fabric softener dispenser and it makes everything smell fresh – not like the fake fabric softener fresh, but like no smell fresh. I am not sure what to do when pouring directly on fabric.

So summary, window cleaner – good, all purpose surface spray – good, tub scrub – bust, fabric softener – good.

Any good sources for some homemade cleaners? Any good recipes. Spill the beans. I’ll try it. Let me know if you use any of the recipes.

There it is. My cleaner line up. And apparently March 25 I will have a band aide retainer. Awesome. If my brain starts leaking out of the roof of my mouth you may not hear from me.