Today I had gum surgery…AGAIN so I had some time on my hands. I always decorate very last minute. I see something I like and think that would look cute and try to replicate it if it is expensive or buy the item if it is cheap. So I thought I would put some plan behind my design. And here it is. I got this idea from Young House Love.

1. I found this Amy Butler fabric on I love it! I thought they would make some cute pillows which I could totally make. Hey, I know how to sew a straight line…when someone else sets up the thread for me. And if you haven’t been to totally worth the online trip. Some of my favorites are Amy Butler. And for $8.98 a yard you can’t beat it! I think I could make a couple pillows with a yard. Another great place to buy fabric is IKEA. They have a lot of fun contemporary fabrics.

2. I bought this brown fabric on as well. We are recovering our sofa with this fabric. It is fabulous! The sofa shown is actually something from Crate and Barrell, but hopefully the finished product will look very similar. No more big blue… for those of you who haven’t seen our sofa we have a big denim sofa in our living room.

3.  These are the curtains we already own from IKEA. I love them. I will buy them for every room in our house. They are clean, simple, and crazy cheap.

4.  This is a rug that my husband designed. You can purchase it through the store at Grant Design Collaborative. Isn’t he amazing?

5. We already have these side tables from Targey. I bought them on sale for like $18 a piece. A steal! The picture shown is actually from Crate and Barrel. We bought knock offs for like 1% of that C&B price. WOO WOO!

6. These are baskets from IKEA. I am trying to find something less expensive to stash books in. I feel like books area always strewn about our living room. Right now I am researching gardens so I have like 7 garden books on the floor. Also,  Does that say something about me that I am trying to buy something cheaper then the IKEA price? Maybe.

7. This is another Targey purchase. We bought this when we moved in. I love the modern feel to this TV stand as well as the doors that cover up all our stuff.

8.  This is a gift from a friend and local artist Claudia Campbell. Claudia gave us this picture as a wedding gift and I had it matted and framed.

I am still trying to save up for some of these items as well as maybe finding cheaper replicas.  As soon as we are finished I will take some pics and show you the finished product. We’ll see how all my planning played out.

What do you think?Any advice from your side of the screen? I am trying to find some fun colors. I very often stick to khaki and brown and I am trying to punch up the room. Let me know what you think! Seen any online fabric stores that change your life? Send ’em our way!