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My goal for this weekend was to spend quality time with the hubs. I even put it on the calendar. It was complete. Complete to the max! I like that guy. And the rain made the day even better.

Saturday we turned off our phone and computer and disappeared for the day.

We dove back into the real world today and have decided I need to turn off life a little more often. And here’s the killer…I didn’t miss a thing. I don’t think anyone even called.  I dare you to do it sometime this month whether it be an evening or a whole day. Just turn off the phone. Turn off the computer. You won’t regret it. I promise.

The garden is complete and many other plants are the in the ground. I am not trying to create an overall look instead of just plants all over the place.  The snow peas and cucumbers are in the ground and still waiting on the bell peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon to get a little bigger to put in ground. Take a look at what we did this weekend.

Where it all began


Poop eye and G building away

Complete! Don't you love it! The kayak next to the garden seems to give a great feel to it! 🙂

Some other accomplishments this weekend:


I saw this on my camara today and it made me laugh. My sisters chillin' in the backyard for Easter.

G digging a hole. I promise I did work on the garden. I just happened to be the picture taker.

So there it is! The weekend in the yard! Raised garden – CHECK! Plants planted – CHECK! A big ol’ mess to clean up – CHECK! The one thing that seems to linger after projects is the mess.  Many more projects to come!

Happy Easter! This weekend has been a doozy as far as allergies are concerned. The worst! I would work outside – take some medicine  – rest a while then work outside again. The medicine continued to knock me out. I was a little bit out of it at church today because of dumb Claritan.

When I get allergies the only thing I can think about is my next sneeze. Seriously, I have a gift. I can sneeze 40 times in a row. Well the other day I was on another sneezing fit in the kitchen and fumbling around trying to find something  in the fridge and SNEEZE. AH CHEW. BOOM! That’s right folks – all those onomonopias mean  I hit my forehead on the side of the refrigerator and have a big ol’ lump on my forehead. I cursed and G laughed to himself.  I went to work on Friday with that forehead welt and got many funny looks.  I also had a swollen eye because of allergies. I think they may be concerned about my living situation.

Also I was ironing on the ground and ironed my leg. A nice scar to prove.  DOH! Maybe because I do things like iron on the ground…

I hope your Easter and weekend was allergy free. Some pics tomorrow  of all the new plants.

I am  going to get my retainer and go to bed.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh at life.

Garden! Garden! Garden! Garden! Garden! Garden! Garden!

Can you tell I am excited? For five years I have wanted to put a garden at my own house. We had one last year in the cute guest  house we rented which we were SO thankful for but just something about it being all ours.  I am giddy with excitement and have spent almost all my free time planning and driving Greg crazy about a garden. I think at least twice a week I drag him to Home Depot and Lowes.  I have read and marked all over my garden books.

Things needed for raised garden:

1. Wood planks – they have some awesome USED railroad ties at Lowes for $11.50 a piece – trying to debate if it is worth the price. There are also some smaller wood planks for like $2.00 a piece. Should I splurge? The railroad ties would look rustic but the wood planks would have very clean lines.

2. Compost – anyone know where to get stinky dirt?

3. Thin wood planks – this will divide up the veggies each at a square food a piece.

4. Wires and poles – this will create a fence for the beans and cucumbers to climb.

So off I go! I have included some images below to make you drool over some fresh veggies. OH and a demo next week for how to make a raised bed.

Fresh grown tomatoes from last year for a BLT!

Fresh veggies from last years garden (please ignore the dirtiest sponge in the world)

Are you drooling yet?

Any garden plans this year? Any advice from experienced gardners? Are you doing a raised garden or just putting those seeds in the ground or putting some container plants together? PLEASE SHARE!!!! What is your favorite home grown fruit or veggie? Can’t wait to hear!