Happy Easter! This weekend has been a doozy as far as allergies are concerned. The worst! I would work outside – take some medicine  – rest a while then work outside again. The medicine continued to knock me out. I was a little bit out of it at church today because of dumb Claritan.

When I get allergies the only thing I can think about is my next sneeze. Seriously, I have a gift. I can sneeze 40 times in a row. Well the other day I was on another sneezing fit in the kitchen and fumbling around trying to find something  in the fridge and SNEEZE. AH CHEW. BOOM! That’s right folks – all those onomonopias mean  I hit my forehead on the side of the refrigerator and have a big ol’ lump on my forehead. I cursed and G laughed to himself.  I went to work on Friday with that forehead welt and got many funny looks.  I also had a swollen eye because of allergies. I think they may be concerned about my living situation.

Also I was ironing on the ground and ironed my leg. A nice scar to prove.  DOH! Maybe because I do things like iron on the ground…

I hope your Easter and weekend was allergy free. Some pics tomorrow  of all the new plants.

I am  going to get my retainer and go to bed.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh at life.