The garden is complete and many other plants are the in the ground. I am not trying to create an overall look instead of just plants all over the place.  The snow peas and cucumbers are in the ground and still waiting on the bell peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon to get a little bigger to put in ground. Take a look at what we did this weekend.

Where it all began


Poop eye and G building away

Complete! Don't you love it! The kayak next to the garden seems to give a great feel to it! 🙂

Some other accomplishments this weekend:


I saw this on my camara today and it made me laugh. My sisters chillin' in the backyard for Easter.

G digging a hole. I promise I did work on the garden. I just happened to be the picture taker.

So there it is! The weekend in the yard! Raised garden – CHECK! Plants planted – CHECK! A big ol’ mess to clean up – CHECK! The one thing that seems to linger after projects is the mess.  Many more projects to come!