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I’M BACK! Sorry I disappeared into the abyss. The abyss of work and vacation.

Some fun stuff going on in the Sykes family…and no it isn’t that. You know what you were thinking….

We went on vacation. After 9 months we finally took a long vacation to the beach.  We fished. Talked. Laughed. Sat. Cooked. Sunburned. Biked. Drove. Napped.  That’s right folks – every day I was on vacation I napped and was in bed by 11 at night. It.was.amazing. And much needed.

OK so this isn’t fun, but something  coming up. I am coming up on my due date. This has been the hardest 9 months of my life. May has been the hardest month of my life. After losing the little bean I am still fighting and losing everyday, but I hope May 31 will allow me to start over. Maybe have a peace. Maybe say good bye. I don’t know. I am waiting for that conclusion. May 31 will be marked in history for me forever. Please let there be a conclusion. Like Desmond continuing to press that dang button – hopefully that ticker will click back to zero – that’s right folks I just referenced LOST. Who knows what the future contains as far as children and babies are concerned for us Sykes but I am slowly learning that I can’t control that or anything really. And I really don’t deserve anything. I have already been given so much. I am slowly becoming a different person then I was 9 months ago.

I got a new job. Tomorrow marks week 1 and so far I really like it. I am learning, which I love. I feel like this is the fruit that I have been allowed to sow for so long. For the last four years I have worked my bum off. Can I repeat that – I have worked my bum off. I have worked my bum off. I have refused to enter into the bitter world of I deserve better. I have learned everything from everyone possible. I have gone to interview after interview and continually  been frustrated, but this a good fit. A really good fit. A really really good fit. I work at a software consulting company as a Corporate Marketing Specialist. Isn’t that a fancy title? I enjoy being in this social marketing field because I get to watch and be apart of this social media/technology change. I am constantly learning. I am constantly taking notes. I am writing, editing, and creating email campaigns for this company.  I  listen to Walking In Memphis on my ride home and am reminded of a road trip to Memphis with friends visiting the king and watching a marathon of The Facts of Life.  On that road trip our car may have said “Memphis or Bust!” Hey, it’s what the king would have wanted! I think a lot of my vacations consist of television marathons. I also went to the Disney World once and watched a Cosby Show marathon. Hmmmm….I don’t think this is normal. Don’t judge.

Oh and LOST ended. Please don’t be angry with me peeps, but the dorky English teacher in me thinks the writers for that show are amazing story tellers. I was captivated. Not really sure what happened in the end, but I think that is the mark of a good story.

As for Greg he has started co-hosting the Up From the Ground Podcast with Jon Black. And can I say it? It is amazing. I promise I am not just being a supportive wife. I listen to it every week and laugh. I look forward to it each week. I don’t know a lot about music but it gives me some reference of new artists to look out for. I now have new artists to put into Pandora. Take a listen! A few weeks ago they ask their listeners what their baseball at bat song would be and I said “Put me in Coach” My friend Lauren Strevel said the National Anthem. That made me laugh. Neither of these made it to the podcasts, but the discussion made me laugh. What if my song was Walking in Memphis? That may be awkward.

I digress. A lot going on over here, but really not a lot. I will now read my book and listen to Allison Krauss. She’s so cool. I wish I could be her.

Favorite tweet of the day:

@JimGaffigan : For pale people sunscren should be a tax write off.

This is me:

This is me with allergies:

This was us 6 months ago. We look different in these pictures then we do now – at least I do. In these pictures we were living an adventure – ready to take on the challenges and the ups and downs. Our character is different, our lives are different and our outlook is much different.

I continue to focus on stories of completion – of Job, Ruth, and even friends in my life. These bring me hope.

In a YL leadership meeting this was shared and I am trying to allow my thoughts be taken captive by this idea:

“God is looking for leaders who walk with a limp: those who, like Jacob, have fought with God and surrendered to Him unconditionally. God wants leaders who have learned from the disappointments and challenges of follwing Him through good times and bad. For leaders in the New Testament, their only  promise was persecution, not professional perks and public praise.  Their training came from the desert school of hard knocks, not the seminary of intellectual questioning. They valued the simplicity of Christ and expect to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their work.

God is looking for those who are dead to their own ambitions. They have crucified any desire for the limelight, nailing to the cross their own agendas and ministries.  They have no need to control. They are willing to go unrecognized, to be of no consequence in the world. They are looking for ways to lay down their lives for others. ” – The Rabbit and the Elephant
Tony and Felicity Dale, George Barna

I am not there yet, but I’ve got the limp and in the middle of the fight.

Since today is Cinco De Mayo I thought I would post a recipe that I making tonight (well, starting this morn before work). My friend Jenn gave me this recipe and it is so easy and taste so good that it will seriously melt your face off.  It requires a crock pot and some prep time in the morning. But since I am a working person it is easier to do this before work and have it ready when I get home. It also requires some taco seasoning which I always forget to buy at the grocery store, so I will include my recipe for taco seasoning. I hope your face is melted (I only mean this in the most friendly way)!

We are having some friends over tonight and this will make enough for all of us and for a meal tomorrow. This recipe makes so much dang food. Happy melting!

Mexican Chicken Goodness

5 Minute Prep

  • 1 pound (about 3 large)  Boneless Chicken Breast
  • 1 regular size can of black beans
  • 1 regular size can of corn
  • 1 small jar of your favorite salsa (i like pace picante mild)
  • 1 8 oz.  package of cream cheese
  • 1 package of taco seasoning mix

Place chicken breast in crock pot.  Add can of black beans (drained), jar of salsa, can of corn (drained) and taco seasoning.  Cook in crock pot on low for 7-8 hours or until chicken is cooked.  30 minutes before it is done throw on the cream cheese block until melted.  When done cooking, shred the chicken with two forks and mix everything together.  It can be used for nachos, taquitos (roll ’em up and bake em, or soft tacos. All your Mexican fantasies will come true.

Taco Seasoning

1 tablespoon chili powder

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (I always add more b/c I like the spice)

1/4 teaspoon dried oregano

1/2 teaspoon paprika

1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper.

Combine in a ziplock bag and shake when finished.

And here are the cookies I will be making tonight.

I haven’t talked about the house lately, but we haven’t stopped working on the house. In fact, working around the house is my de-stressor lately.  Some things I have been working on:

1. Rocking chairs.

One of my good friends moved to Arizona and left me her fancy outdoor rocking chairs.  While I love baby blue they don’t go so well with the house, so  I have been sanding away to paint them black for the front porch. So much sanding that I live in a constant state of shaking. I think my brain may be rattled…well, that may have happened before the sanding. Last week I spent a couple of hours sanding and the dern sander broke. Just coughed right on out on me. Boo. I don’t have very good luck with electrical appliances. I am notorious for braking vacuums, hairdryers and now the sanders have joined rank. WHY DO YOU HATE ME? WHY? WHY? WHY?

2. Yard Work

I think if I spent every moment of every day on our yard I would still not be finished. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. But my newest obsession with Criminal Minds  and the broken fan in our room has been a big help in making more hours in the day…or…less sleep for me.  Sunday I woke up a 7 am and laid pine straw and planted some flowers and more vegetables.  It was also raining a tad. I think the red clay may become a monster and take over the house.

In fact, speaking of red clay, some birds have built a nest out of red clay on our front porch. I was hosing off our red porch the other day and one bird dive bombed me while the other bird gave me the stink eye. Rude.

Last story is clumsiness of the day:

Remember that I am a big red monster because the sun attacked me in Atlanta? Well this morning I was preparing for a relaxing morning by fixing myself some hot tea and some reading when my ADD kicked in and I started fixing dinner for tonight. Well my tea was fixed and I was working on getting the crockpot out and cutting potatoes and BAM hot tea all over my leg. I don’t even know how it happened. I screamed. Poop-eye turned her head and scurried out of the kitchen. I now have a bright red leg  from twentieth degree tea burns. Darn you Earl Gray. And I ran out of time so there is a bath towel on the kitchen floor covering up the mug glass. DOH! I feel like this stuff happens a lot to me. I think it is because my arms are too long for my body.

Went to the Braves game this weekend. Going to Atlanta and to Braves games always reminds me how I wish I lived in the city. But the metropolitan area of Canton is just as close. The Turner Field stadium is also an amazing place to people watch. Am I a jerk for people watching? I always wonder that? I like to think I appreciate the differences.

Things that I see:

– I went to the water fountain – and first of all questioned the sanitaryness of that water fountain…then threw caution to the wind and drank. BUT while on my journey a little girl was walking slowly around the stadium screaming. She had no urgency in her screaming – she wasn’t sad – she wasn’t angry – just a very monotone scream.  Like that is what she was supposed to be doing. Duh? Why wouldn’t we scream? I wanted to join her.

– I saw so many freaking jorts. I love it. It seems like jorts are back in fashion. Who knew? I even contemplating buying some jorts – oh wait – who needs to buy jorts ? I got me some old jeans – I am going to cut those suckers off at the knees. I GOT JORTS! I am not kidding here. I kind of want jorts. Don’t judge – go to a Braves game then tell me how you feel.

So here are some pictures of me courtesy of Lauren Strevel. I look pasty and white in these pictures but I left that stadium with the fires of a thousand suns on my skin. Seriously. So red. I got me a base tan. Oh wait, I don’t tan I red. Turner Field is like a big stadium of hotness.

I also sat 6 seats away from my buddy Bobby S. Crazy Small world!

Here is the pastiness that is myself and the funness that are Trish and Lauren..and G.  G and I loved going with these ladies because Greg could ignore us and watch the game and I was able to sing take me out the ballgame with them as loud as I wanted. Awesome! I also decided when I grow up I want to be the Turner Field organ player or sound person.

he looks so happy

Happy weekend folks. I will down some ibuprofen and aloe.