Went to the Braves game this weekend. Going to Atlanta and to Braves games always reminds me how I wish I lived in the city. But the metropolitan area of Canton is just as close. The Turner Field stadium is also an amazing place to people watch. Am I a jerk for people watching? I always wonder that? I like to think I appreciate the differences.

Things that I see:

– I went to the water fountain – and first of all questioned the sanitaryness of that water fountain…then threw caution to the wind and drank. BUT while on my journey a little girl was walking slowly around the stadium screaming. She had no urgency in her screaming – she wasn’t sad – she wasn’t angry – just a very monotone scream.  Like that is what she was supposed to be doing. Duh? Why wouldn’t we scream? I wanted to join her.

– I saw so many freaking jorts. I love it. It seems like jorts are back in fashion. Who knew? I even contemplating buying some jorts – oh wait – who needs to buy jorts ? I got me some old jeans – I am going to cut those suckers off at the knees. I GOT JORTS! I am not kidding here. I kind of want jorts. Don’t judge – go to a Braves game then tell me how you feel.

So here are some pictures of me courtesy of Lauren Strevel. I look pasty and white in these pictures but I left that stadium with the fires of a thousand suns on my skin. Seriously. So red. I got me a base tan. Oh wait, I don’t tan I red. Turner Field is like a big stadium of hotness.

I also sat 6 seats away from my buddy Bobby S. Crazy Small world!

Here is the pastiness that is myself and the funness that are Trish and Lauren..and G.  G and I loved going with these ladies because Greg could ignore us and watch the game and I was able to sing take me out the ballgame with them as loud as I wanted. Awesome! I also decided when I grow up I want to be the Turner Field organ player or sound person.

he looks so happy

Happy weekend folks. I will down some ibuprofen and aloe.