I haven’t talked about the house lately, but we haven’t stopped working on the house. In fact, working around the house is my de-stressor lately.  Some things I have been working on:

1. Rocking chairs.

One of my good friends moved to Arizona and left me her fancy outdoor rocking chairs.  While I love baby blue they don’t go so well with the house, so  I have been sanding away to paint them black for the front porch. So much sanding that I live in a constant state of shaking. I think my brain may be rattled…well, that may have happened before the sanding. Last week I spent a couple of hours sanding and the dern sander broke. Just coughed right on out on me. Boo. I don’t have very good luck with electrical appliances. I am notorious for braking vacuums, hairdryers and now the sanders have joined rank. WHY DO YOU HATE ME? WHY? WHY? WHY?

2. Yard Work

I think if I spent every moment of every day on our yard I would still not be finished. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. But my newest obsession with Criminal Minds  and the broken fan in our room has been a big help in making more hours in the day…or…less sleep for me.  Sunday I woke up a 7 am and laid pine straw and planted some flowers and more vegetables.  It was also raining a tad. I think the red clay may become a monster and take over the house.

In fact, speaking of red clay, some birds have built a nest out of red clay on our front porch. I was hosing off our red porch the other day and one bird dive bombed me while the other bird gave me the stink eye. Rude.

Last story is clumsiness of the day:

Remember that I am a big red monster because the sun attacked me in Atlanta? Well this morning I was preparing for a relaxing morning by fixing myself some hot tea and some reading when my ADD kicked in and I started fixing dinner for tonight. Well my tea was fixed and I was working on getting the crockpot out and cutting potatoes and BAM hot tea all over my leg. I don’t even know how it happened. I screamed. Poop-eye turned her head and scurried out of the kitchen. I now have a bright red leg  from twentieth degree tea burns. Darn you Earl Gray. And I ran out of time so there is a bath towel on the kitchen floor covering up the mug glass. DOH! I feel like this stuff happens a lot to me. I think it is because my arms are too long for my body.