This was us 6 months ago. We look different in these pictures then we do now – at least I do. In these pictures we were living an adventure – ready to take on the challenges and the ups and downs. Our character is different, our lives are different and our outlook is much different.

I continue to focus on stories of completion – of Job, Ruth, and even friends in my life. These bring me hope.

In a YL leadership meeting this was shared and I am trying to allow my thoughts be taken captive by this idea:

“God is looking for leaders who walk with a limp: those who, like Jacob, have fought with God and surrendered to Him unconditionally. God wants leaders who have learned from the disappointments and challenges of follwing Him through good times and bad. For leaders in the New Testament, their only  promise was persecution, not professional perks and public praise.  Their training came from the desert school of hard knocks, not the seminary of intellectual questioning. They valued the simplicity of Christ and expect to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their work.

God is looking for those who are dead to their own ambitions. They have crucified any desire for the limelight, nailing to the cross their own agendas and ministries.  They have no need to control. They are willing to go unrecognized, to be of no consequence in the world. They are looking for ways to lay down their lives for others. ” – The Rabbit and the Elephant
Tony and Felicity Dale, George Barna

I am not there yet, but I’ve got the limp and in the middle of the fight.