I’M BACK! Sorry I disappeared into the abyss. The abyss of work and vacation.

Some fun stuff going on in the Sykes family…and no it isn’t that. You know what you were thinking….

We went on vacation. After 9 months we finally took a long vacation to the beach.  We fished. Talked. Laughed. Sat. Cooked. Sunburned. Biked. Drove. Napped.  That’s right folks – every day I was on vacation I napped and was in bed by 11 at night. It.was.amazing. And much needed.

OK so this isn’t fun, but something  coming up. I am coming up on my due date. This has been the hardest 9 months of my life. May has been the hardest month of my life. After losing the little bean I am still fighting and losing everyday, but I hope May 31 will allow me to start over. Maybe have a peace. Maybe say good bye. I don’t know. I am waiting for that conclusion. May 31 will be marked in history for me forever. Please let there be a conclusion. Like Desmond continuing to press that dang button – hopefully that ticker will click back to zero – that’s right folks I just referenced LOST. Who knows what the future contains as far as children and babies are concerned for us Sykes but I am slowly learning that I can’t control that or anything really. And I really don’t deserve anything. I have already been given so much. I am slowly becoming a different person then I was 9 months ago.

I got a new job. Tomorrow marks week 1 and so far I really like it. I am learning, which I love. I feel like this is the fruit that I have been allowed to sow for so long. For the last four years I have worked my bum off. Can I repeat that – I have worked my bum off. I have worked my bum off. I have refused to enter into the bitter world of I deserve better. I have learned everything from everyone possible. I have gone to interview after interview and continually  been frustrated, but this a good fit. A really good fit. A really really good fit. I work at a software consulting company as a Corporate Marketing Specialist. Isn’t that a fancy title? I enjoy being in this social marketing field because I get to watch and be apart of this social media/technology change. I am constantly learning. I am constantly taking notes. I am writing, editing, and creating email campaigns for this company.  I  listen to Walking In Memphis on my ride home and am reminded of a road trip to Memphis with friends visiting the king and watching a marathon of The Facts of Life.  On that road trip our car may have said “Memphis or Bust!” Hey, it’s what the king would have wanted! I think a lot of my vacations consist of television marathons. I also went to the Disney World once and watched a Cosby Show marathon. Hmmmm….I don’t think this is normal. Don’t judge.

Oh and LOST ended. Please don’t be angry with me peeps, but the dorky English teacher in me thinks the writers for that show are amazing story tellers. I was captivated. Not really sure what happened in the end, but I think that is the mark of a good story.

As for Greg he has started co-hosting the Up From the Ground Podcast with Jon Black. And can I say it? It is amazing. I promise I am not just being a supportive wife. I listen to it every week and laugh. I look forward to it each week. I don’t know a lot about music but it gives me some reference of new artists to look out for. I now have new artists to put into Pandora. Take a listen! A few weeks ago they ask their listeners what their baseball at bat song would be and I said “Put me in Coach” My friend Lauren Strevel said the National Anthem. That made me laugh. Neither of these made it to the podcasts, but the discussion made me laugh. What if my song was Walking in Memphis? That may be awkward.

I digress. A lot going on over here, but really not a lot. I will now read my book and listen to Allison Krauss. She’s so cool. I wish I could be her.

Favorite tweet of the day:

@JimGaffigan : For pale people sunscren should be a tax write off. http://yfrog.com/89oboj