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Good bye old friend. I know cars are just cars and have no feelings but I am very sad to say good bye to the Velma the Volvo. She was a good car.   They totaled her out last week.

Oh, by the way – I got in a wreck last week. I was driving home from work on  a two lane road and I saw an awful accident. I happened to be the only person on the road and called the police. They asked me to turn around to see if everyone was OK. I turned around and pulled up to the accident and rolled down the window to tell them the police was on their way and to make sure everyone was OK and BOOM. Rear ended. The Volvo was solid but the other car not so much. My pennies were thrown from the penny holder but the other guys air bag deployed.Very thankful for the tank.

I received the call on Thursday that they were totaling out the Volvo. As I begin to search for another car I think about the time in our life when we bought the Volvo.

The Volvo came in our life at a very sweet and quiet time. Greg and I had been married for a year. I was working at a coffee shop and going to school full time. Greg was working as a freelancer. I think we made $13,000 that year and were spending $25 a week on food. We were living in a low income housing loft and spent almost every evening and weekend kayaking. The kayaks were stored on an old washer and dryer inside of the lofts. I was driving a red Saturn that was falling apart and had no air conditioning. We knew I needed a new car but also knew we couldn’t afford one. My boss at the coffee shop was selling the Volvo and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. It was love at first site. She has been on many a road trips across the southeast with us. We have sat through many drive-thru movies with Velma and she hauled boxes from four different dwelling places.

That time in our life is close enough to remember the discomforts but also far enough away to romanticize. Greg and I always strive to live as simply as possible and the Volvo was an example of that. As I look to the future I hope we can continue to live simply.  Here’s to you Velma!

The spring has brought some wonderful flowers and plants. I come home from work everyday, let doggie out and head outside. My aunt gave me a ton of hydrangea, white honeysuckle and fern clippings this weekend to try and root. We’ll see how I propagate!  One thing I am excited about is summer veggies. Even at Public the tomatoes, strawberries, and peaches are better and better each week. I am very excited about local farmers market. Last year this was the highlight of week. While I loved the local soaps and candles I am very excited about the herbs, flowers and veggies. Come on veggie vendors, bring your goods.I literally cannot wait for home grown tomatoes.

Check out Downtown Canton’s local farmers market. This Saturday is the first one!!!

In other news – I have 3 mini snow peas comin’ up! AND six blueberries ready for the picking. I promise pictures to come soon. I am in the middle of a camera conundrum.