The spring has brought some wonderful flowers and plants. I come home from work everyday, let doggie out and head outside. My aunt gave me a ton of hydrangea, white honeysuckle and fern clippings this weekend to try and root. We’ll see how I propagate!  One thing I am excited about is summer veggies. Even at Public the tomatoes, strawberries, and peaches are better and better each week. I am very excited about local farmers market. Last year this was the highlight of week. While I loved the local soaps and candles I am very excited about the herbs, flowers and veggies. Come on veggie vendors, bring your goods.I literally cannot wait for home grown tomatoes.

Check out Downtown Canton’s local farmers market. This Saturday is the first one!!!

In other news – I have 3 mini snow peas comin’ up! AND six blueberries ready for the picking. I promise pictures to come soon. I am in the middle of a camera conundrum.