I love me some Katy Perry. Don’t judge. So what she just shoves random words into lyrics. I like it – and I am not ashamed.

Anyway, speaking of KP, we went to San Francisco in October for Kris and Anne’s wedding. It was a fabulous trip – and an amazing excuse to go to Northern California. Greg and I were there for 5 days and I stayed for another 3 days for a work. Look at me workin’ woman!

We had a blast! The first part of the trip we explored San Fran and Northern California on our own then the last part of the trip met up with friends – literally ran into friends on Market Street. The picture above is from the wedding. I have many pictures from the trip – San Fran, Napa, Chico and back! Who says we don’t know how to party?

The whole purpose of the trip was to be in Anne and Kris’ wedding. The wedding was in an almond grove in Northern California. BREATHTAKING! Anne’s family and the community surrounding Anne helped host the wedding. The food was so good and the atmosphere was almost as good as the steak. We square danced and I was thrown around about on the dance floor by an expert square dancer – and if you know me, you know I have ZERO rhythm, Double ZERO dance skills, and the memory of a grandma so square dancing is not my forte. The girls were literally belly laughing at my ability to bust-a-move. I sincerely apologize  to my dancin’ partners. Just on a dancing side note – in elementary school we were taught square dancing in PE and my partner told me he would never pick me again because I was such an awful square dancer. That scar has lived with me for 20 years.

Anyway, while I was “dancin” my little heart out, my husband left me to tie bottles of Coca-Cola Classic onto the bride and groom’s car – think Michael Scott’s car for Jim and Pam’s wedding with bottles. Have I mentioned we laughed a lot on this trip?

For work, I stayed an extra few days and attended a conference in San Fran. Conference by day and checking emails by night, but we got to eat at some amazing places. We went to dinner with some people one night and before ordering the waiter said it would take 25 minutes for the chocolate souffle – YES PLEASE! It changed my world. My new goal is to find an amazing chocolate souffle in Atlanta. Hint. Hint. Gregor.

Here’s to you Anne and Kris – thanks for giving us an excuse to travel! If any of you other peeps out there want to invite us to weddings/baptisms/engagements/general events in lovely locations send the invitation our way!

Things coming up in the Sykes world is a trip to Chattanooga, the beyatch (beach) and an annual Thanksgiving 5k! You gotta work for that turkey!