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Merry Christmas friends! We had a white Christmas. We spent a lot of time sleeping in and watching movies – I still may be doing more of that that on my week off. I have hibernated by the fireplace a lot. I have had a cold the last week but that has been an excuse for a lot of naps…A LOT!

This Christmas break has included a bonfire when it is negative degrees outside (OK it doesn’t really get that cold in GA), a slumber party with 15 high school and college ladies- complete with cupcakes, pizza rolls, cakes AND a successful rolling (that’s right I’m 29 and rolled a house…I’m not ashamed…OK I am a little).  Sorry Zach and Brandon – we love you! I was mom having to find lost cell phones and herding the ladies to move it.

Also included in this break was a Christmas party with rum cupcakes, FIVE loafs of beer bread (an amazing recipe from the Reeves), and a tie that sings. We had so much fun with family and friends over the many celebrations.  My niece, Addison, told me to ask my mom if I could come over to her house one day but my mom would have to drop me off at her house. I’ll talk to my mom. I take that as a compliment from a 3 year old. We played My Little Ponies for hours on Christmas Eve.

We have never claimed to live a fancy life and never ever want to live a fancy life. We like our simple little house and simple little life. On Christmas Eve I got a fancy gift from my in-laws for my car. For those of you who don’t know, a few months ago I wrecked my favorite Volvo in the whole world. After the bottom fell out of the Volvo (literally), I bought a 1994 Toyota Corolla for a STEAL (that’s right I said 1994 – you’re probably thinking that better be a steal because that is a really old car). But it drives great, has low miles, gets great gas mileage, and it has a tape deck.  That’s right folks a tape deck with 5 radio presets. Our friends the Gantz’s gave me some wonderful tapes (think Jerry Garcia for kids – one of my favs) but this year I will be putting those tapes on CDs because I got a CD player for my car. WOO WOO – welcome to 1999 folks! I sound sarcastic about this gift but it really is one of my favorite gifts this year. I can hook up my iPod and listen to some CDs or Greg can make me a mixed CD – hint hint (he still does this for me from time to time).

Planning some fun trips in the spring including some races in neighboring towns and a weekend at camp with my high school ladies. Pictures to come!

Sorry – we didn’t do a Christmas card this year so this picture is our Christmas card. Hope you all had a Merry Ho Ho! Heart, Jess

Something to make you laugh.

I wake up at 6 to run and this winter has started a bit early so I have been going to the gym. I finished my run this morning and had some extra time to do some sit ups. Yes, I know – me doing sit ups is comical in itself. I pulled up one of those big exercise balls to do my sit ups on. First sit up I slide off the ball onto the ground – hit my head on an exercise bar – run out because there are about 15 people behind me on machines and I am embarrassed. SCENE!!!!

Welcome to my life and a bump the size of a baseball on my head. I give you permission to laugh because sometimes you just gotta laugh.

So we have been a busy family this month…erg last month. November was such a fun month – mostly because it was my birthday. So here’s to wishing everyone they had a fun month for my birthday. I got everything a girl could wish for this month – a fancy husband who dresses up and buys me jewelry – a vacation – fall running – and time with family and much time to read. Much more but no room to list the wonderful birthday I had – so here’s some pictures to show how great it was!

This November was nuts!!(Sorry)

Look who showed up in Chattanooga to join us for donuts. If you have a chance to go to Judy Darling Donuts in Chattanooga then take a gander – they share my affinity for donuts and E. As we enter the shop they ask if we like blueberry donuts. Why, yes. yes I do. They were hot’n ready. Mmmmm….a carton of milk and blueberry donut was just what I needed after a long hike (1.5 miles) to the north side of the ‘noog (yes this has become my nickname for Chattanooga).

Chattanooga Choo Choo

A Pre Turkey 5k- question: How does my little sis look so amazing before a 3 mile run and at 8 in the morning? And Poop-eye was a rock star on this run. While Greg and Jerry whooped our bums on the run – Amy and I took the slower route around Marietta.


A post turkey fire – we have this Thanksgiving down – and it was 75 degrees (don’t ask about why there was a fire…it was fabulous though)

Such a lovely November. Some things that didn’t get pictured was some fabulous concerts (Jon Black, Sandra McCracken and Drew and Ellie Holcomb) at Eddie’s and Center Stage with friends.  I also had a week off from work and am looking forward to a nice long break for Christmas. We are currently taking a tour of the southeast on breaks so who knows where we will end up this month. Isn’t it great to just pick up and go? Greg and I have become experts at that! I hope you will have a lovely holidays. Here’s a picture to get everyone in the holiday spirit.