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I had a birthday party for Greg on Saturday. It was a blast. It was just a reminder of the fun I have with the family that has surrounded us in the last SIX years. I had this brilliant idea to have a kegger birthday party with my friends. I emailed my friend Nick at Reformation Brewery about providing beer and boy did he want to help. Not only Nick but people from our church, Young Life, family and friends all offered to help. I provided the food  but everyone else brought side items, drinks, tables, outside heater, chairs and even a photo booth. It was a blast! When beer and shrimp are involved people will attend. It was so great to see the people I love meet the other folks I love. We even had some friends come by on Sunday after a weekend at Sharptop Cove. Here are some pictures from Tim Harman. He showed up with his fancy camera and BOOM it was a party. I wish I was able to get a picture with everyone but after 2 ciders my grandma memory was even worse. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate Gregor; MOREOVER, those who continue to love us messy, moody, sometimes grumpy Sykes (OK really this is usually me). I know we are broken and messy but God’s unfailing love continues to shine through the people who love us – even when we do nothing but push them away. Thank you for insisting to love us when we (especially me) don’t deserve it.

There are so many more pictures on Facebook. Check ’em out!

There are a lot of moving and shaking in the Sykes’ world. I can’t wait to update the blogosphere.