Hey everyone!

Chance to get rid of some stuff. We are having a yard sale Saturday, October 8 and would love any donations in order to raise money for our adoption. If you want to donate anything that we can sell we will take it. If it requires a truck we will come and pick it up. Just email me and let me know: Jessica.Sykes4@gmail.com or gregesque@gmail.com.

Sorry I am behind the curve on updating my friends. We have been going at warp speed since June. We signed contracts in August – had our home study done in September and are now trying to get grants and loans as well as create a portfolio. We also traveled the Pacific Coast during this time. I promise there will be more updates to come. To be honest the paperwork, money and details of this are completely overwhelming and we don’t even know where to start or what to say.

We are excited and can’t wait to share more information with y’all. We have been exploring this for about 2 years and are excited to share this with our friends while to be honest completely terrified. Please pray for us!