Thank you to those who donated and those who served us for our adoption garage sale! Thank you to those who showed up and those that cheered us on at home. It was an amazing day and weekend. Greg and I could not have done that on our own.

If you want to follow us on this journey of adoption go to  I will continue to update this blog on our life and musings but the website above will be strictly about our adoption.

We are so thankful that we get adopt.  This kid will be lucky be a part of this community we are in just like we are so thankful for our community. But we are so lucky/thankful/blessed that we get to build a family this way. We pray all the time that we can eventually carry full term but we know that when we adopt and when we conceive both children will be the perfect way for us.  We hope that you feel the same way with us. We hope that you will love our multi-racial family.  We may look different and do things differently than most but we love that.  We are thankful we get to build a family this way.

“I want my life to fit into this book.”  Francis Chan