No no no, nothing bad has happened. We are still in the waiting stage of our adoption and raising money – more on that here (  This is still a Christmas of longing. Awaiting God’s answer to a plea.  I will never forget last Christmas where I wanted to forget about Christmas all together. We didn’t get a Christmas tree and I worked as hard as I could so I could watch the holidays pass. I will never forget last year – as my heart ached for what I had lost and still aches for our sweet babies who are in heaven. I don’t say this for sympathy but as a reminder to myself that Christmas is a hard time of year for so many – loss of children, parents, family, friends, homes or jobs and the “holiday spirit” seems to sometimes worsen that.

So if that is you – you are not alone. We have a Christmas tree this year, but this year there are tears of longing that we are not Home yet, tears that some people we love are already Home. I don’t know if anyone finds comfort in that but sometimes it is nice to know that you aren’t the only one. I don’t want to sound bitter – this is not bitterness – this is longing for our redemption.

Here are a few blogs that I follow that are a reminder of longing during the holidays, well longing in general. I don’t mean to bring gloominess into the holidays but just a reminder that Christmas isn’t about all the happy blogs, the wonderful facebook posts, and everything else that “looks” pretty and put together – it is about a God who longed to have us in His arms forever and broke His own heart for us. It is about redemption and hope…and here’s to that!

Molly Piper

Practical Theology for Women

And a song that I have held close to my heart during a season of longing:

Sweet Sorrow

1. Oh sweet sorrow, on the heels of my reckless soul

Oh sweet sorrow,

Flooding all around me now,  red sea rising to my shoulders

Where we walked across dry land—so long ago.

2.  Oh sweet mercy, your love letter it bleeds my pride.

Oh sweet mercy,

Now I’ve sold all you gave, other lovers could not save me

But you are kind and strong and will not leave me to die.

3.  Oh sweet redemption

Smell the burning incense fire

Oh sweet redemption

Least of these, a chosen few, raise the mighty from the fool

Your ways are not like mine—they are much higher.

words and music by SANDRA MCCRACKEN. © 2010 DRINK YOUR TEA MUSIC (ASCAP), admin. by SIMPLEVILLE MUSIC, inc. All rights reserved.  Used by permission.