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We have a finalization date. Hell yea bitches. Seriously…if you think that this cussing is inappropriate then you haven’t gone through the adoption process because we are almost frickin’ done!!!!!!!!!

At finalization we receive the final paperwork and a judge banging his gavel at us. No – Emerson can’t be taken away from us – and nobody can change their minds before finalization…This is just to receive the final paperwork. WOO WOO! I got the call yesterday and was so so so so excited. It is almost done – the adoption paperwork stuff…not the raising of the child which I am sure will bring its own trials.

As I look back on this journey/marathon/anything difficult that takes a long time, I am amazed that we got through it.  I wanted to quit so many times. I wanted to say that this is too difficult. And I am grateful for those who listened. And cried. And fought with us. It was a battlefield. I honestly didn’t think I was in that large of a valley as we took that first step, and as I look back that valley is larger and wider and deeper and darker than I thought it would be when I started.  Anyone else want to adopt after this post? Eh?

As I look back I see a path that was cleared for us. It’s like someone was right in front us bush wacking the forest for us. Weird analogy. I’m OK with that. And I am just thankful. Why do I deserve to be Emerson’s mother? Who on God’s green earth would allow me to rear a child? Seriously…people. Seriously. I still eat candy for breakfast.

All those words to say…several tens of thousands of dollars later. Several hissy fits later. Several/million signatures later. Several out of town trips later. Several tropical storms later. Several washing bottles in Target later. Several extremely personal questions later. We are almost there. Sigh. And look at that big ol’ head (95% baby – he’s got big brains!). I didn’t know what I was stepping into but oh goodness gracious I had no clue I would come out the other end with this little dude. I wouldn’t trade it. Nope, not a second of it. He literally smiles every time I walk in the room… eh hem Greg you should work on that.

So who wants to adopt next? Any takers after this glowing blog of how fun the adoption process is?

OK I have emerged from my rock I have been hiding under. I am going to try and update a blog again. I wrote a lot of unpublished posts as we waited for E and cherish those posts so I am going to start publishing again. We shall see how this goes.

SO…here goes the good ol’ college try to blogging again (did I say that saying right).

These days I am working, hanging out with E and G and trying to actually do things that normal people do outside of those very extremely consuming things.

I am working really hard at being thankful. Sometimes I get to feelin’ a little deserving and I am not. I am working on that. Dancing in the rain. Making lemonade out of lemons. Jumping in the puddles (although real life puddles gross me out – seriously I have an unhealthy fear of standing water). Knowing that I am redeemed and I don’t deserve it.

So that’s me right now. Here are some pictures that make me happy these days. Emerson is screeching/screaming all the time. He is a happy little kiddo. Kicking. Rolling. All the almost four month old things. And Poop-eye is constantly shaking or trying to get our attention. Our house has turned into a baby circus. There is baby crap in every corner (not actual crap…gross but stuff really). For that I am grateful.

When we came home from Florida I couldn’t believe all the people that flooded our house to see Emerson. All the diapers. Showers. Friends. Meals. Love. Spending that time at home with friends and family is something I will never forget. A little mountaintop experience after a few valleys. OK so here are the pictures.


Just sitting in my boppy with my awesome bib

Apple picking. One is having more fun than the other.

I think Greg and Emerson were meant to be together – two peas in a pod. Not one pessimistic bone in their body. Seriously people…mornings are not that happy.