OK I have emerged from my rock I have been hiding under. I am going to try and update a blog again. I wrote a lot of unpublished posts as we waited for E and cherish those posts so I am going to start publishing again. We shall see how this goes.

SO…here goes the good ol’ college try to blogging again (did I say that saying right).

These days I am working, hanging out with E and G and trying to actually do things that normal people do outside of those very extremely consuming things.

I am working really hard at being thankful. Sometimes I get to feelin’ a little deserving and I am not. I am working on that. Dancing in the rain. Making lemonade out of lemons. Jumping in the puddles (although real life puddles gross me out – seriously I have an unhealthy fear of standing water). Knowing that I am redeemed and I don’t deserve it.

So that’s me right now. Here are some pictures that make me happy these days. Emerson is screeching/screaming all the time. He is a happy little kiddo. Kicking. Rolling. All the almost four month old things. And Poop-eye is constantly shaking or trying to get our attention. Our house has turned into a baby circus. There is baby crap in every corner (not actual crap…gross but stuff really). For that I am grateful.

When we came home from Florida I couldn’t believe all the people that flooded our house to see Emerson. All the diapers. Showers. Friends. Meals. Love. Spending that time at home with friends and family is something I will never forget. A little mountaintop experience after a few valleys. OK so here are the pictures.


Just sitting in my boppy with my awesome bib

Apple picking. One is having more fun than the other.

I think Greg and Emerson were meant to be together – two peas in a pod. Not one pessimistic bone in their body. Seriously people…mornings are not that happy.