I saw this on a blog that I thought was cute. I hope she doesn’t mind I copy. It is a sweet way to remember things about each month. Each month she posts things about her kid she doesn’t want to forget. So for month five I am going to post five things about my kid I don’t want to forget. I am a little behind but hey, I am behind on everything. So cheers to my behind!

Emerson – these are 5 things that make your mom and dad swoon

1. You love to cuddle. If I get you anywhere close to my neck you grab on and hug. At night when I feed you your bottle you will often turn around and just want to snuggle.

2. You love to eat. Seriously, you will eat just about anything. Your little baby chunks make me smile.

3. When you are laughing, really laughing, you don’t belly laugh your laugh gets super high pitched like your voice is cracking like you just can’t handle it anymore.

4. You have started to chew on your bottom lip and it makes you look like a little old man.

5. When you talk you say your o’s a lot – I think you are trying to say mom. And your face looks so serious. You furrow your brow and just talk away. You are thinking about many serious things aren’t you buddy?

We love you kiddo. We are over the moon. I am so lucky to be chosen to be your mom.