I am reading a few things these days that range from infant block books to real books. I seem to go through seasons of reading and also seasons of just not wanting  to look at a book. I remember this time last year I was reading a lot of historical/regional fiction that was very sad like Sarah’s Key, The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Kind of felt like jumping off a building after reading all those back to back. I think every night for weeks I would fall asleep weeping. Seriously, I wanted to move to Afghanistan and fight for women’s rights after the last two books.

I now seem to be in a non-fiction/Christian book phase. I think I am ready for something lighter. Harry Potter may be next. Any suggestions? I have tried the first Harry Potter and it wasn’t my cup-o-tea but maybe I need to power through it.

ANYWAY, here are a few books I have been reading in the measly spare minutes I have before I go to sleep.

Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God – Noel Piper

I have enjoyed this book because Noel doesn’t write about these fabulous women who everyone knows about who have done these super famous things (I am not sure if that is a real sentence). While they are fabulous women they are quietly fabulous. They do things the hard way and continue to be faithful. They are women who have changed cultures one difficult relationship at a time. And isn’t Noel a wonderful name. I want a baby girl on Christmas and to name her Noel. Please.

Prodigal God – Timothy Keller

I felt like a dirt bag after reading this book. Just kidding…kind of. Maybe anything Christian makes me feel like crapola because I am a big ol’ crap bag in general. Keller walks through the Biblical story of Prodigal Son and the elder brother. He discusses many things that were happening during that time in history and why Jesus uses the words and metaphors he uses. It was also a pretty short book…bonus for my old woman brain and my ten minutes of reading time in the evening.

A Mother for Choco – Keiko Kasza

Sigh. I love this book. E and I read this every night. I like reading E a story instead of just random images on a page…I get bored with random images with a label below it. I must be entertained too. Also, while I am all about reading an adoption book to my kid sometimes they are a little heavy – this isn’t necessarily an adoption book just adoption friendly. I love that it reinforces that not everyone looks like their parents. Although a few nights ago we went to dinner with friends and someone came up to us and told us that E looks just like his daddy. That always makes me laugh a little. And seriously what is it with random old ladies wanting to touch babies at restaurants. Step off bia – you gots germy hands.

Snuggle Puppy – Sandra Boyton

This is super cheesy but so cute. Sandra Boyton may be on crack because her books are so random but this is a cute one. It is a little song. I can picture as E gets older he sings with me.

My Many Colored Days – Dr. Seuss

This one is sort of emo but also rhymes so we all win. I am all about a Dr. Seuss book.

Those are just a few of the books I am reading. Take it or leave it.