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Christmas tree huntingGoodness, this little boy makes me smile…both of those goofy men. I love waking this dude up every morning. Seriously, every morning since I have become unemployed this week.

I think this is a look I will get for the rest of my life. “MOOOOOMMM, quit taking pictures…here is my fake smile.” Eh, I’ll take it.
Anyway, here are six things about E that I love in his sixth month. Here’s to you little man!

  1. You are REALLY loud. Seriously, you talk all the time. You scream loud and then stick your fist in your mouth and try to wave. It is so goofy. Also, you scream and shake your head really fast. I love that you are loud and happy but mostly loud. Did you get that from me? Imma kinda loud.
  2. You sleep with your bottom straight in the air and can circumference your crib. You need a queen size crib.
  3. You let me put hats on you. I could have a hat for every day. I know one day you won’t let me so I will enjoy that now.
  4. You love a good hug. I think I mentioned this last month but I still love it. At night when I am feeding you, you continue to try to turn and cuddle – it’s like you can’t handle it any longer…you just want a cuddle. I MUST CUDDLE!!!
  5. You will eat anything. If it is on a spoon you will eat it.
  6. You grab my neck skin – I didn’t even think there was much extra skin there but you found it my friend. You found it. Apparently I am a 90 year old woman who needs a neck lift or tightening or something because my son can find that extra skin and stretch it. Referrals welcome.

Oh man, it is going by too fast. I want 9 of him at every age. Sigh. But again, I am unemployed right now so it is ALL E ALL THE TIME. Happy 6th month little man…you get your mom home all the time…sorry. 😉 (I apologize for the weird little smiley…those are awkward but sometimes they really do capture an emotion…hence the emoticon). OK it’s late. Time for bed. Emerson, sorry your mom is a crazy person. One day a good therapist will be able to mold that towards creativity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year peeps! We are thankful. Em on the other hand seems to have some place to be. Probably playing with the gazillion presents he got for Christmas or looking oddly and Tickle Me Elmo. He is sitting up these days. And screaming at the top of his lungs. The kid seriously has lung power.

Emerson 647

Also, we got a food saver for Christmas and we food savered our Christmas lights. Good thing the end of the world didn’t come on 12.21 because we didn’t have  our food saver yet – but now we do – so bring it on death star. We have a food saver so we can save ALL OUR FOOD!