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OK that is kind of a vague statement but I am going to make another support adoption post in the midst of the news recently. I may become like the teacher on Charlie Brown. I apologize.

In the midst of the awful things I am hearing about the Gosnell trial (if you don’t know what that is you can Google it…this case and this man is just awful so beware) BUT Gosnell is one of the reasons why you adopt and why you support adoption.

During our adoption process we received many critical statements about raising money for adoption. And in the midst of this case that the news media won’t talk about, I want to scream this is why you raise money or support adoptions or adopt. This is why communities get involved with adoption. We have to tell women that we love them and they don’t have to go to awful places and do inhuman things. I am all about some women power and the emergence of this case shows me how far we have to go as women. They have to have the choice to have people love them and their unborn babies. This HAS to be part of the choice – why is this choice not talked about more? Not only is it to break the glass ceiling on wall street or main street or whatever street it is people work on, but it is to fight for women who have no where else to go but Gosnell’s disgusting clinic.

Not because you are infertile. Not because you want a better world. Not because you are some wonderful person trying to save the world but to put evil people like Gosnell out of work. You put him out of a job. That his profession is not needed. You tell the women who go to a shoddy clinic that you love them and will support them and their unborn babies. You stand up and love the kids in foster care because that is what God does. What would that do for the abortion world? What would that do for our choices?

“The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come to bring life and life the fullest.” John 10:10

Let’s fight for life to the fullest for those that have no voice. Whether it is unborn babies. Whether it is kids who are already born. Whether it is kids placed in our governments care. Whether it is women who are pregnant and are scared and their doctor is giving them abortion as their first option.

I just can’t stop thinking about this case and it has rattled me to the core. I just don’t understand.


He is officially climbing baby gates and stairs. We are in trouble.