Holy 10 months batman. How did this happen to me? It happens to be Mother’s Day this month and Publix is trying to prove to the world that my heart is actually there and I weep like a baby every time I see every stupid commercial. Don’t you people realize I am dead inside and crying is not a pretty thing for me. There is also a phone commercial with a little boy that grows up and eventually gets his own place. Emerson, stop growing up. JUST.STOP.IT. I am not ashamed to be that mother who makes you live with me forever.

So here are 10 things I am thankful for in this crazy month.

1. You are a crazy yet cautious little thing. When in the house there is no stopping your ambition and climbing and crawling and hammering and screaming but when you are in a new location you are very cautious – you analyze everything around you. We are exhausted by the time you go to bed.

2. You just love mom. Apparently I fix everything to you. I’ll take it because one day you’ll realize I can’t fix a darn thing.

3. You are adopted. I know this isn’t new in month ten but your adoption changed me. Bringing you home helped your father and I write this adventurous story for our family. Every month I realize that being an adoptive mom has made me a different person.

4. Sometimes you just can’t snuggle enough. You get in my arms and just snuggle to get closer.

5. The first thing you have said in context besides mom and dad is looking at the dog and saying “no.” Poor Poopeye.

6. You sleep like a champ.

7. You put your mouth on the glass window and blow really hard. We just sit and watch you and laugh really hard.

8. You scream out of happiness. Your daycare teachers have asked us to “control this.” I am not sure how to make this stop…maybe I could stop screaming with you at home but who’s pointing fingers.

9. At daycare there is a walker you and your buddy Charlie push the mailtruck walker together. As soon as I walk in the door you almost jump out of my arms, make eye contact with your partner in crime and make your way to the mail truck. I mean the cuteness is out of control when y’all push this together.

10. You were in a play last month and sat and just smiled at everyone (by in a play you sat in a stroller for 5 minutes while a 10 year old read a book aloud to all the daycare parents).

OK now I fear I have become an annoying mom. So while I remember the good I also can’t forget the hard times of today when your little top teeth came in and you just cried. All day. When you cry and are hurt you shake your whole body as if you just can’t control the pain. You just couldn’t be put down. My unusually mobile boy just sat and cried all day. Or having to drop you off at daycare tomorrow – which I just hate sometimes.

I just finished reading a book called “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller which is all about our story. I am trying to recall our crazy adoption story and write the entire crazy story. I know I could never communicate the story as well as God wrote it but might be good to remember.