The last three years Mother’s Day has been very sad. For those of you who are yearning to be a mother please know that you aren’t alone. While this year has answered prayers for our family there is still a loss that while on earth will not be filled – there should be more munchkins running around…one of which should be turning 3 in a few weeks. Yes, I still count the years.  But instead of counting months I am counting years – which I am thankful for. Time really does heal. Over the past few years as I watched mothers celebrate their day and I was very sad because I knew I was a mother just maybe not to kiddos here on earth or to kids who shared my name.

While I wouldn’t change a thing – this road brought me to the wildest craziest little man that I could have never created myself. It brought me to a woman I view as a sister who loves my boy as much as I do. It united families outside of bloodlines.

But as a reminder of those who yearn to be a mother know that bloodlines or documents or adoption does not make you a mother. I was a mother long before Emerson. I was a mother and sister and friend to high school kids who spent the night at our house for years. Who would stop by our house randomly for dinner. I was a mother to kiddos who cried on my shoulder. So know that you are meant to be a mother – whether it be through bloodlines, adoption, or just loving on someone who needs to be loved on. So Happy Mother’s Day to you – you deserve to cry at the damn Publix commercials. You deserve to know that families don’t have to exist within bloodlines or last names. You are appreciated. Let’s celebrate all the women in our life who make us cookies, dinner or listen to us when we need to cry or take us to coffee. Let’s celebrate the women in our life.

So here are a few blogs that I hope will help you realize you aren’t alone.

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