I wanted to do this before my man turned one so here are things you have done this month or things that we LOVE about you!


1. You want to be just like dad. You are obsessed with him. If he isn’t home you get in your stroller and look at me like we should go see him. We went to the lake the other day while he was fishing and came home early and you immediately grabbed your toy fishing rod and started to cast. It was the cutest. You just stood in your corner and tried to fish. Then you took your fishing rod and sat in the stroller and waited for me to take you back out there. When we pick you up at daycare and you see dad, you started screaming da da and just bypass me and get to dad.

2. I am not certain about this but I think you are the wildest kid at your daycare…and there are a lot of kids in daycare. As we were leaving the daycare teacher looked at me and said “Everyone here knows Emerson. He is so adventurous.” Me: “You mean wild right?” Daycare teacher: “We’ll just say adventurous.” Call it what you want to lady – I get the point. Apparently yesterday you went head first down the slide. I may sound like I am complaining but I love it. I love your energy. I love that I could eventually have a running partner. About a year ago I was so sad that our house was so quiet…our house is no longer quiet hommie.

3. This month you stood up on your own and started running. on the concrete and falling on your face. You had your first bloody nose this month.

4. You get so giggly before bedtime. You just lean your headback and laugh and laugh. It is my favorite time of the day.

5. We no longer need toys. Just pots and pans and anything else that makes noise. You take your tiny little piano thing everywhere with you.

6. Your wavy curly hair is the bomb.  Tha’s right, I just said the bomb. I want your hair on my head. We are struggling to figure out how to make sure it doesn’t dry but I just want to run my hands through it all the time. Seriously. The best.

7. You love being around people. Our house seems to be a never ending line of people dropping by, spending the night or just hanging out and you think they are all here to see you. You sit in the middle of the room and soak up the attention or you run to our guests for them to cuddle you.

8. When you walk your little booty shakes and you stick out your belly. Sigh…I could watch that all day.

9. You will finally fall asleep in your carseat again. HOORAY!

10. You are fearless. You will jump in the pool to mom. You run up the street. You want to walk down the stairs. While these are all dangerous things,  I hope that adventure carries with you as you grow up. I hope that fear never holds you back.

11. Your dad and I are always your home base. You will go play with your toys and walk away for a few minutes and you’ll look at me and then walk over to me and rest your head on my chest like you just needed a hug. Sometimes you will even roll around on us for a while. It’s the best.

I love ya little man. After putting you to bed the other day I walked down the stairs and looked at our living room and there were colorful toys everywhere. Kiddo, you have put color (and noise) in our world. You so crazy.