OK I have officially transitioned into a blog that only talks about my kid…sigh. I have a few drafts of things I have been meaning to publish but then I start thinking that I don’t want to stand on a soap box in the blogger world and I don’t. I like other blogs – I like it when people stand on their soapbox or sandbox or any other type of box. Sigh… So much going on in my brain. The other day G said to me that it must be so hard to be in my head. IT IS G. IT IS! Why can’t I just think about food or grass growing…I think of BOTH of those things PLUS a million other things while analyzing a million other things. UGHHH stupid brain.

Well this is a month late. As my kid is 13 months but whatevs. I’ll do a 13 month one in a few weeks.

This is at the Waffle House birthday celebration. All birthdays should be celebrated with cheese ‘n eggs. Seriously, how do they make those so dang good. We LOVE Waffle House! Is it sad that the people at Waffle House know us by name? Fatties.

waffle house

So here we go.

  1. You no longer walk places. You just run.
  2. You know what you aren’t supposed to do. Climb the stairs, throw food and smack mom. Before you do any of those things you look at me to make sure we are paying attention and if we say no you drop your chin and just cry. Welcome to the world of having a toddler.
  3. We went to the beach and you just ran to it like it was an old friend. I think you would have never stopped if the waves didn’t know you over.
  4. We stayed in the ocean until you would fall asleep in your floaty. Then we tried to take you home to nap and you just wailed. It’s like we were taking you away from a piece of you.
  5. You have become a picky eater. I am not sure how that happened – you would eat anything mashed up but now that it is a piece of broccoli it ends up on the floor.
  6. You just cry when I drop you off at daycare. When I try and let you go you get kung foo grip.
  7. You NEVER sit in one place. Sitting never happens. It is go go go and then sleep.
  8. At dinner when Greg and I are talking about our day you just chat away in your own language.
  9. When dad mows you just run to every window to watch him or catch a glimpse of him. If you hear anyone else mowing their lawn you just start screaming “da da” and have to see that person.
  10. You weren’t too interested in your smash cake. Maybe it was the blue icing.
  11. At your birthday party you were interested in holding the hose than actually playing in the actual water.
  12. You love the pool. You don’t even know you can’t swim. We have spent almost every day at the pool this summer. You are diving into the pool, the baby pool, the lake or just diving down the stair. Sigh.

Happy birthday sweet boy. You are our wild wild sunshine!