I always read other blogs and I am like, man I wish I blogged more…and took more pictures. Or had good quotes to share. Or read good books to get good quotes to share. And took good pictures with my real camera. Darn me. Seriously, I don’t say that ironically, I say that with complete yearning.

Anyway, here’s some of the thangs going on these days:

1. Multiple trips to the doctor’s office by multiple members of the family (see picture below)

doctor office picture

2. Climbing baby

3. Cut open lip

4. Ear infection (See #1)

5. Shingles (See #1)

6. Boston

7. Cold (See #1)

8. Potential pink eye (See #1)

9. No A/C

But here’s to brownies and milk on the couch with a Scrubs marathon after going to soothe my son for the third time and knowing that tomorrow I will go to the doctor for the fourth time this month.

In other news, today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” and his march on Washington. I talked to Em about it at bedtime and he was all like “Yea?” (This is how he responds to everything these days – cows, flowers, the dog) but I could tell he was very intrigued by this topic. I was like “Em, there was a man who had a dream and he told people about that dream and we are still trying to make that dream happen and he went all the way to Washington, DC to talk about this dream.” And Emerson said “Yea?” and he pointed to Alan, his fox stuffed animal. And I said “Yea, he wanted people of different races and socio-economic classes to be equal.” And Emerson said “Yea?” And I said, “Yea, and Emerson, I hope our family can keep working on that dream too because that guy was pretty rad. And I hope we can love people who look different than us an people build their family different and people who do different things than us.” And he of course said “Yea.”  So I feel like he got it.

Here is me and Em on our morning hang out before daycare and work. Clearly neither of us understand where the little picture taker is on my phone. This is post ear infection and pre pink eye and mid shingles but pre painful want to die because it feels like someone is continually stabbing me and we just have to sit still in the air conditioned car shingles.


Here’s to you August!