My days consist of working full time as a marketing associate. I do mostly social marketing: writing for a blog, updating social marketing sites and writing or editing other people’s writing. I am also able to do some  freelance social marketing and writing from home. I hope to eventually be able to write and market at home full time.  My free time consist of doing Young Life and hanging out with high school students, running, reading, and writing. A stress reliever for me is creating original, fresh, and inexpensive things around the house that enhance our ability to live simply.  I hope everything I do advances my opportunities to build relationships with others because intentional relationships are my passion!

I have been married for a little over five years and consider Greg to be my partner in crime. When I got married I adopted a dog named Poop eye who we don’t consider to be our child…she’s just an awesome dog with the name Poop-eye. We have had many good days in our five years as well as some bad bad days that show us that we were not created for this world.  Our favorite thing is being outside in the kayaks. Greg gave me a kayak as an engagement present and am reminded of how our adventure started every time we set out on the water. Don’t ever let my blog post fool you, Greg and I are both a big ol’ mess and I am the occasional a crazy person trying to figure out where I am supposed to be in this world.  And I love fresh homegrown tomatoes…BLTs anyone?